Saturday, December 27, 2014

#linklove: Good Reads from Around the Internet

I've had a lot of time to read lately. Translation: I surf the Internet while I breastfeed my son, thanks to my iPhone. And since I've been sick this past week, I've had even more time because of my significant lack of energy to do much else.

I do sometimes get interrupted (because, kids). So I've been using Pocket to store links for later consumption and/or sharing. Normally I just keep a thousand (not really, but sort of) pages open in my browser and close them when I get to them, but Pocket lets me keep all of the links in one handy app, which makes my browser much more manageable. I can access the links on my computer, too.

So, here you go. Links to some good reads (old and new) from around the Internet:

1) After I ran the Grand Rapids relay, I had some knee issues...but these issues weren't caused by running, per se. Because running doesn't damage your knees.

2) My little girl got a Barbie car for Christmas, complete with a new Barbie and some clothes. She's been playing with my old Barbies. I get why Barbie can be problematic for girls, but I don't think she can be blamed for all of the issues they face, which is why I'm not holding my daughter back from Barbie. I am, however, being sort of strategic with the Barbie clothes I'm buying her, and I do sort of like the idea of a new 'normal' Barbie doll.

3) Having two kids is hard. It's also wonderful. I can completely relate to this post.

4) As a fitness professional and exercise junkie, I'm always looking for inspiration. Because sometimes, I feel like I get stuck in a rut with the things I'm doing. Greatist rounded up some of the best free workout videos on You Tube.

6) I ran about a week ago, then I got sick. But thankfully, I was able to run outside because of some unseasonaly warm temps. Why this is good: I think the treadmill sucks. Except it doesn't have to.

7) I never knew there was a right way to eat a cupcake. I just thought eating cupcakes, any way, was the right way regardless of how much of a mess you made. Because any cupcake mess, in my humble opinion, is an excusable mess.

8) Speaking of food, this article hilariously reports on 20 food blog trends that need to die. Note: I don't agree with all of them, but there are definitely some trends on the list that kind of annoy me. Regardless, it's a great read. We have to be able to laugh at ourselves, right? I mean, I'm not a food blogger, would never claim to be, but I do take food pics and talk about healthy eating, so.

9) I pretty much epitomize the definiton of the word "hangry."

Because, don't stand in the way of me and some food when I desperately want it. Ask my husband. He knows. What he might not know yet, though, are the definitions for these 10 brand new health words we'll be hearing in 2015.

10) Do you like brussels sprouts? I love them, and have been craving them since Thanksgiving. My aunt sauteed them in a balsamic reduction with pancetta and...oh, man. I can't remember what else. Regardless, the reduction and the pancetta sound like enough. But get this: My grocery store has been out of them the past few times I've gone to purchase. Maybe next time I'll have some luck, because I'm dying to try out these brussels sprouts recipes.

Question: Do you like brussels sprouts? What's your favorite way to eat them?

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