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Should you try a #PiYoLive workout?

I have a new obsession: PiYo Live. This choreographed group fitness class is rocking my socks off right now—literally! You're not surprised because I've been talking about it on and off since I got certified. If you want to become a PiYo Live instructor, check out my list of tips for before, during and after the PiYo Live certification course. Lots to know from someone that's been there.

Today's post, however, is for those of you that are wondering if you should try a PiYo Live class.

What the heck is PiYo Live?
Let's discuss.

PiYo Live is a choreographed group fitness class that combines elements of Pilates and Yoga with traditional bodyweight exercises to create a low-impact class that registers high on the intensity chart.

Wait, choreographed? Yes. But it's not like a dance class. This means that you'll know what class will be like from week to week. The instructor will take you through the moves so there's no memorization on your part, and you'll quickly pick up what's going on—no need to feel awkward. Your head might spin a little during your first class, but every class after gets a little easier. And by easier, I mean "easier to follow" because PiYo Live is not easy. And when it gets easy, that's when YOU need to dig a little deeper into each move.

Speaking of moves, a PiYo Live class is divided up by songs that combine to create 60-minutes of work. Including a warm up and cool down as well. New class choreography is given to instructors every other month, which means you might see a completely new class every other month. Or, if your instructor works it like I do, you might see a new section every week or two. Which means you'll exercise with new material a bit more frequently.

Do you wear shoes during class? You can, but it's really a barefoot type of class. I wear Nike Studio Wraps because they're cute and they give me good grip.

And yes, you'll need a yoga mat.

Other equipment? Negative! Your body is all that you need (and maybe a towel, definitely a water bottle). Your instructor can and should offer a variety of modifications to the moves that might require them, but always check in with them before or after class if there's something that isn't working for you.

Speaking of class, you're probably wondering if a PiYo Live class is for you.

You might like PiYo Live if:
1) You love Yoga and/or Pilates.
2) You love certain aspects of Yoga, but generally wish it moved a little quicker.
3) You dislike traditional workouts, like strength training with weights.
4) You want to know what you're getting into every time you show up to a class.
5) You want to sweat, grow stronger and increase flexibility.
6) You dig working out to popular music.

You might dislike PiYo Live if:
1) You prefer a slower flowing type of Yoga.
2) You generally dislike everything about Yoga and or Pilates.
3) Moving quickly isn't your thing.
4) You hate doing the same thing from week to week.
5) You have medical issues that prevent you from moving freely.
6) You are pregnant and in your second or third trimester.

So wait, aren't there videos?

Yes! PiYo Live has been around for quite some time. A home version was recently released, generating a resurgence of interest in the program. Are the DVDs the same thing? Same concept, yes. But with shorter workouts divided up into a specific program that you can follow, complete with diet recommendations. If you have the DVDs and love them, I highly suggest you try out a PiYo Live class. Trust me, you'll love it.

But isn't this a Beachbody thing? Do I have to drink Shakeology? Other than my PiYo Live certification, I am not otherwise affiliated with Beachbody in any way. I don't know a single thing about Shakeology, so long story short: PiYo Live does not depend on Shakeology.

You can definitely get results with PiYo Live.
Seriously, it's such a good workout.

Have I convinced you to try it out yet? Any questions about the class that I haven't covered?

Question: Have you experienced a PiYo Live class? What were your thoughts on the format? What did you like/dislike about it?

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If you ever want to try shakeology let me know - drunk it daily and SWEAR by it! Love me some Chalene you listen to her podcast?

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