Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Do you know @themotherrunner? #motherrunner

The virtual world is overflowing with inspiration. If you let it, I'm sure the Internet would weigh you down with all there is to read, know and love. I certainly can't keep up, can you? I follow so many people on various social platforms, and I'd be lying if I said I knew what each of them was up to day in and day out. So that's why I pay attention to recommendations. That's why I, myself, make recommendations. Because if I'm missing out, you'll tell me. And vice versa.

Today's recommendation: Another Mother Runner.


A few months ago, I reached out to see if they'd be interested in providing copies of their books to review on Daily Dose—and I'm so grateful they said yes. I had seen talk of the books on Instagram, decided I should look into them, which then lead to me following Another Mother Runner on all of their social platforms. And I try to really, truly pay attention to each of their posts because they really are a great source of information and inspiration.

Mother runners, you'll love them.
Not a mother? Totally fine. You'll love them, too.

Dimity and Sarah are so real, it's crazy. When I listen to their podcast or read their blog posts, I feel like I'm having a conversation with one of my friends. Their approach to running is very, well...approachable. And realistic. For example, from Run Like a Mother (their first book):

And then, in a chapter on clothing they talk about good sports bras. Or on their Facebook page, they seek advice about managing bodily functions during races.

It's stuff we all wanna know about, but rarely think to ask or discuss because, well...boobs and poop, right? And that's why these ladies are so great. They put it all out there for us to consume because they're awesome. And extremely entertaining. I laugh out loud when I listen to their podcasts, and I certainly laughed out loud a number of times while reading their book.

I still have to read Train Like a Mother.
I blame the delay on life and the huge stack of magazines on my bedside cabinet.

Speaking of reading, their writing is super manageable. A lot of running books are heavy...the science of the process weighs them down. I don't have time for that, but I want the information. Another reason to love these ladies: They give it to you straight, in a way that reads quickly and efficiently with max effect.

So, let's break it down.
Here's why you need to follow Another Mother Runner:

1) Because you're a mother and you run.
2) Because you're a woman and you run.
3) Because you're a newbie and you need inspiration.
4) Because you've been running forever, but you need inspiration.
5) Because you enjoy good conversations with your best friend(s).

These ladies. I'm telling you.
Follow them: Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram.

Oh, AND: This summer they profiled yours truly on their site in a "Follow This Mother!" post.

Question: What is your favorite running book?


Kate Scott said...

Oooh thanks for this reminder! I love them, but forgot about them--is that possilbe? I need to get that book too! :)

adailydoseoffit said...

You totally need the book! They're the best...

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