Monday, December 1, 2014

November Recap / Hello, December!

One more month, guys. That's all we've got left in 2014. Just one month, filled with plenty of days you can use to end the year on the best note ever. Because it's the Holidays, and no matter how you celebrate, there's surely some peace, joy and happiness to find in them.

But before we talk about that, I'm going to hold myself accountable for all those November goals I set at the beginning of the month.

1) Meal plan every week and make a detailed grocery list.
I've been really good about this. I force myself to sit down for five minutes the day I go grocery shopping—I make a list, check it twice, grab my shopping bags and go. I still manage to somehow pick up a few items that aren't on the list, but we've been eating well these last few weeks. Not a whole lot of "there's nothing to eat" moments, which is what I've been trying to avoid.

2) Perfect the art of pour-over iced coffee.
I don't know if "perfect" is the right word—because can anything ever be perfect? But my new pour-over brewer is making it easy for me to get darn close. I had two cups today, I'll admit.

3). Find a new Winter coat. (And some warm clothes, too.)
Done, and done. And still doing. I've got an Old Navy gift card burning a hole in my wallet, and I just picked up this shirt from Kohl's. Herein lies the problem: Everything I want is some version of black and white. I think I'm turning into Olivia Pope. #scandal

4) Contemplate some Spring races.
Full disclosure: I've been slacking off on the running. I had some IT band issues when I ran the Grand Rapids Marathon relay, and again at the Hot Chocolate 15K, so it hasn't exactly been a bad thing that I've been running lightly. The knee is feeling good (I think), and I'm ready to get back into a solid running routine, which is motivating me to make a wish list for next year. I've got some ideas, but nothing solidly in the works.

I did run today:

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Winter running sucks for me. I get so bored running inside. We have a short track at the gym, and obviously treadmills...I'm hoping my new Garmin will help me stay on track, since I can now toggle between the two without losing count of my milage. Fingers crossed, at least.

This, of course brings me to some December goals.

Since this time of year is crazy full of celebration, shopping and everything else that comes with the season, I'm going easy on the goals.

In fact, I'm only making two goals for this month. Get back into a regular running routine, and this:

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Should be doable, eh?

Tomorrow, I've got a gift guide for you. And a giveaway. If you're looking for something inexpensive for your favorite gym buddy, you'll want to tune in.

Question: How will you make it a December to remember?

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