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5 Events From 2014 That Will Inspire 2015 #dishthefit

I'm doing something a little different today: I'm joining up with The Fit Dish, which is a weekly Tuesday link-up party run by Jill Conyers and The Fit Switch. If you're not familiar with link-ups, they're essentially themed posts written on the same day by a number of different bloggers. The hosts collect and post the links on their sites, which makes it easier for blog readers to garner more information in one spot. This time around, there isn't a specific theme, but I'm still quite excited to read as many posts as I can. And to join up for the first time. If you've got time, I encourage you to check out all the links. That said...

I cannot believe we are staring down yet another new year. I won't even talk about slowing down time because it's impossible—we can't slow it down, speed it up, repeat it or get more of it. Time comes as it does, and all we can do is make the best of it.

Since I've been tied down for a week with what we've come to call the Christmas funk, I've had a lot of time to reflect on this past year and the year ahead of me. I have so much to be grateful for and so much to look forward to. I have learned, loved and lived, and will do all of that again (and again, over and over). So here's a list of five events from my 2014 that will inspire my 2015.

In no particular order...
And this list could be never-ending...

1) I ran a solo half marathon.

Never have I ever gone that far by myself. I didn't think I could do it, but I did, and I'll carry that adrenaline with me as I plan for and complete who-knows-how-many half marathons next year.

2) I gave birth to a beautiful baby boy.

I was knee-deep in all things girl because of my daughter that, truth be told, I totally didn't expect to have a boy. But I did, and he's the most awesome little man I've ever known. He's also challenging me in the sense that I'm constantly learning how to move through life with two kids—that's not a complaint, it's just my reality. And since my days are constantly changing, somewhat yet never predictable, it's teaching me to have more patience, to go with the flow and to just be. My carefully calculated life is not so much, and I'm a-OK with that (for the most part). So I'm looking forward to continuing to develop this life as a family of four. Whatever that means for us!

3) I taught my first PiYo Live class.
I was really, super nervous about teaching PiYo Live. I felt pretty confident in my knowledge after the certification course, but was seriously questioning my ability to actually deliver the class. So much memorization! But I got through it with a lot of self-pep-talking on my part. Lesson learned: You have to believe in yourself, otherwise you'll just never succeed. And I'm happy to report that our PiYo Live classes are some of the most popular classes on our group fitness schedule. Proof:

So this coming year, lesson learned. I'm not going to doubt myself.

4) I got people to take their first Spinning class (and they loved it).
There's this one Spinning student of mine, he comes every week with his wife...but she never takes my class. Well, she never did take my class up until about a month ago. She would always go walk on the treadmill. Long story short, she made the mistake of expressing an interest in getting on a bike, so I "bugged" her about it every time I saw her. I wasn't sure if she ever caved, but I did my best to make her feel as welcome as possible in the studio. And then one day she asked me to help her set up a bike. I tell you, the whole class cheered for her, and her husband was proud as ever.  She hasn't missed a class yet, and she's getting stronger and stronger (and her smile on the bike is getting bigger and bigger).

I also had a new client express an interest and SHE came to her first class last week...with her husband, also a newbie. And they both had fun. (And she's the first to admit that she doesn't think exercise is fun.) Small victories, right! And certainly not the only time I've introduced someone to the bike, but for some reason, these times felt different. Regardless, I've bottled up their enthusiasm and I'm going to remember it any time I'm faced with a newbie, no matter what they're newbies at, because all newbies deserve that rush.

(If you're a Spinning newbie, read this post: 8 Tips For Taking Your First Spinning Class)

5) I lost my grandfather.
He passed away just a few weeks before Evan was born. I couldn't be with my family the day it happened, and I couldn't attend his funeral...the trips would have been too risky for me since I was ready to pop. It was the hardest thing to miss out on because all I wanted to do was hug my family. And thankfully, I had my little family to hug. The whole thing taught me that love rules over everything near and far. That life is too short and happens too quickly (see quote above). That the memories we make really do last a lifetime...so we have to live each day intent on making memories, even out of the littlest moments. This all happened in June, then Evan was born, and that's when I started refocusing my priorities. My kids, my family (immediate and extended), my life is my priority. No matter what. And I've been trying to live accordingly. And will try to live like that next year, too. Because every day is a gift.

Question: What is one thing that 2014 taught you?


jillconyers said...

You had an amazing year! One of many things I learned in 2014 is that believing in myself is truly half (of more) of the battle!

Thanks for linking up with the #fitfam!

TorontoGirlWest said...

My lesson was similar to you - that life is too precious to waste! I wrote about this lesson in my 2014 recap post but basically I attended three funerals this year for people very close to us. Just when I risked forgetting that very lesson, someone else would pass.

adailydoseoffit said...

I'm so sorry about your losses. It's tough stuff, no matter who it is. But we just have to keep celebrating those that leave us and those that we still have because life's just too short. Right?

adailydoseoffit said...

It's totally a battle. Luckily, it's one that we can definitely win!

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