Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Workout Wednesday: Upper Body Recap

Back in January, I featured an upper body workout and a lower body workout. Since I'm certain that many of you employ this split-style approach to your workouts, I thought I'd take this week and next to revisit some of the upper/lower body workouts I've shared in the past. Here, three you might remember:

From: Workout Week: Upper Body Builder
From: Workout Week: Upper Body Blitz

From: @adailydoseoffit on Instagram
Question: What upper body exercise do you hate the most? Because we all have at least one exercise that we can't get behind.

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alena mauer said...

Gyms are very intimidating. You go with a friend just for the day and the next thing you know you have a two year contract. My roommate just got sucked into a gym membership she really wasn't planning on.

Alena |

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