Friday, March 21, 2014

Feedly Finds, Vol. 2

Time to recap some of the awesome things I've been reading across the Internet lately. This certainly isn't a complete list, rather, just a few of my favorites. So much awesome content out there! Totally the reason I am WAY BEHIND with my books and magazines. Paper? What's that? Enjoy.

1) Sometimes fitness feels completely out of reach. No matter how hard we try to set up a routine, and even if we do, there's always something that seems to throw it off. Like a new job, a vacation, or even a baby. Greatist outlined 23 ways to get more out of your workout, remember and apply to keep your fitness within reach.

2) I know this is a health-based fitness blog, but let's be honest, to claim a truly balanced, healthy and fit life, you have to leave room for things not necessarily billed as healthy. Like this perfect homemade confetti cake. Seriously drooling over here.

3) As a blogger and professional writer, I am a total grammar freak! I notice things, both in my own writing and in the writing of others. And sometimes these things grate on my brain! So this infographic speaks to me as a personal reminder, and if you write in any capacity, you'll appreciate it, too!

4) When did women first start lifting weights? And what did that look like? This picture will give you a glimpse (and then you'll want to buy the book).

5) If you follow healthy living blogs, fitness blogs, fitness magazines...even your friends...on one or more social media accounts, you know what inadequacy can feel like. Meaning, you've probably compared yourself to these people on one or more occasion and thought, "ugh...why am I not doing that?". Or even, "damn...why don't I look like/eat that, too?". Not healthy, right? But so hard to overcome! Read: How to handle feelings of inadequacy due to social media.

And now, just in case you missed it: Feedly Finds, Vol. 1!

Question: Got a good link to share? Leave it in the comments! I'm always looking for good reads.

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