Sunday, March 30, 2014

6 Things I'm Loving Right Now, Vol. 3

Hey.'s post is all about me. 

OK, not really. It's 
about the things I'm loving right now. You know, 'cause I like to recap that sort of thing every month:

1) The Significant Lack of Snow

I probably just jinxed it, but not having to stomp my way through mush and slush and snow has been so nice. Spring, dare I say that you are here? Please stay. I like you.

2) A Bun In My Hair

I am painfully late to the whole sock bun thing. For the longest time, my hair was just too short. And then it was long enough, but I could not make it happen. I have no skills when it comes to styling my hair—I'm a sick-straight and/or ponytail kind of gal. But when my angel hairstylist told me to curl my ends first, magic happened. AND THEN,  I bought this BunEase thing from Ulta. Hair life: Forever changed.

3) Iced Vanilla Macchiatos from Starbucks

I think I've officially made the switch over to iced coffees, probably because I'm so ready for warmer weather. I tried the Starbuck's new Vanilla Macchiato on a whim and haven't looked back. I know it's virtually an unmixed latte, which is actually why I enjoy it. There's something about experiencing each flavor individually that makes it such an adventurously delicious drink. My request: Grande decaf, non-fat, two pump, light on the drizzle.

4) Baby Clothes

Baby's room is officially done being painted, so we've slowly started moving in some of the newborn things we've been storing in Hannah's closet. I still can't believe another small life is joining ours. And so soon! I can't wait to see how Hannah reacts to it all. She's so amazing with her baby cousin, I'm really hoping that translates.

5) True Blue Hand Lotion and Scrub from Bath and Body Works

My skin is essentially dead from this cold, dry winter. My hands, of course, are the worst. Enter a coupon for Bath and Body Works, which consequently led me to the stuff above and (seriously) I'm in love. It turns my parched, cracked hands into those of a baby. Both sit permanently next to my sink (and Dora and Minnie Mouse), and I use them as often as I feel the need to.

6) KIND Healthy Grains Bars

You guys. I love me some KIND bars, but they're kind of expensive so I don't buy them as frequently as I'd like to. Enter these Healthy Grains bars. They're more of a traditional granola bar. I don't know how new they are, but they're new to me and I'm diggin' 'em something fierce. The whole box is totally affordable and compares well to all the others on the shelf. My favorite flavor, obviously not pictured, is the Peanut Butter Dark Chocolate (because I love anything with peanut butter).

Question: What are you loving right now? 


Mary said...

I love the Kind Healthy Grain bars. The Choc Chunk and the Pumpkin Seed and sea salt are my faves.

Susan said...

I love the KIND bars too! It sucks you only get 5 in a box! What an odd number. So good though!

adailydoseoffit said...

Right?! I'm such a stickler for even numbers, the fiver makes me feel incomplete! Just bought a box of blueberry vanilla today...sounds like a promising flavor combo, right?

adailydoseoffit said...

I found a Maple Pumpkin Seed at a random health foods's the only place I've seen that flavor so far. AND IT WAS SOO GOOD!

Mary said...

Yeah! That's the one! So good!

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