Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Workout Wednesday: Upper Body Workout with Cable Machine

In keeping with tradition, I'm here today with a Workout Wednesday post devoted entirely to your upper body. What about your lower body? We'll talk about that next week—Don't forget to train your lower body this week, though! Still a must. It's totally fine to split your workouts in this way. If you've never done so, you might consider trying it. Especially if you've hit a plateau.

Change your workout, change your body!

Anyway. This workout assumes you have access to a cable machine. You know, that huge contraption with an overabundance of pulleys, all of which can be attached to one of two opposing anchor points. It's not just for the big boys. And trust me, it's super user friendly.

This workout also assumes you've done some cardio to get the blood flowing. And even though I'm a certified personal trainer equipped with the knowledge to produce such a workout, that doesn't mean it's right for you. Be smart when trying out new workouts. Touch base with your physician if need be and always, always listen to your body if/when you proceed.

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1) You can use the same d-shaped handle for single-arm rows and chest flyes, but you'll need to set up the opposing anchor points as you'll need to use both for the chest flyes.  You might also have to adjust the height of the anchor point for your rows—it should be just below your shoulder, versus head-height at most in a chest fly.

2) By "3-way biceps curls," I'm asking you to grip a longer bar wide on your first set, normally for the second set, and right next to the anchor point for your third set. You'll need a double rope for your triceps presses.

3) Underhand? Your palms should face your chin. You'll do the ab twists for six sets as you'll need to get both right and left sides.

4) Use a single rope for front shoulder abductions. You'll do one arm at a time, pulling from a lowered anchor point.

Was it an upper body day for me? Sort of. I taught my 6:00AM High Intensity class. I'm still able to participate, but it's getting harder. For example. I max out around 2:00 on the planks that we do before and after our HIIT circuit. And I certainly can't do burpees to the extent that I want to...I'm modifying to a soft hop back without a pushup or squat jump. Sometimes I just walk my feet out to plank, too. And obviously I'm not doing some of the core work in the lineup. But seriously, I'm feeling great and so thankful for that.

Question: What's your favorite upper body exercise? Favorite upper body cable exercise?!

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