Sunday, January 12, 2014

2 Recipes You Must Try

It's been an interesting weekend. We thought maybe Hannah was ready for potty training, so we gave it a go. But it was a total no-go. I really think she gets the concept, but for some reason, she wasn't committing to the process so we backed off. The very sight of the potty chair brought on tears and fits, and we don't want her to hate the potty chair (or us), so we put her back in diapers. I know you're supposed to be diligent about these things, but we were all miserable. So, we'll try again in a few weeks.

Why am I telling you this? In an effort to save all furniture and carpeting from mass soakage, I decided to keep her in the kitchen with me for a bit after yesterday's nap. We cooked a few things together, which she loves to do.

You must know about these things. First up, doughnuts:

I love doughnuts, but I hate eating them from the store because they're so obviously not good for me. For Christmas last year, I got a set of doughnut pans. This year, I got Ashley McLaughlin's new book:

If you don't follow her blog, you absolutely need to. Not only is her photography awesome, she keeps it real with true-life experiences and healthy recipes. Hence, the doughnut book. I'm anxious to try every recipe in it, so I started right at the beginning with glazed buttermilk doughnuts. There is a similar vegan version on her blog. You won't regret buying the book, though.

This looks delicious, right?

Even the husband thought they were good, and he is way picky about his doughnuts. (His theory: Why mess with a good thing.) Hannah obviously loved them.

We ate those for breakfast today, and so while they were cooking yesterday, Hannah and I prepped dinner from a recipe that NatureBox posted on their blog. Vegetable One-Pot Pasta.

I love pasta, but it takes a lot of pans, no? One for the noodles, another for the meat and veggies. A colander to drain the noodles. It's such a simple food, but it always leaves my kitchen in a state of shock and awe. Except not this version. After you prep the ingredients, you literally throw it all in a single stock pot (see above). Yep, even the noodles.

What results is a perfectly prepped, delicious and filling pasta dish.

But the best part of this recipe is not the easy factor. It's that you can totally adapt it to your individual tastes. For example, you could add more or different veggies and spices. Maybe even some meat or beans.

I'm all about recipes that are multifunctional. And easy, obviously.

Easy is important, which is why I'm still getting a box of snacks from NatureBox every month. They're good, they're healthy and they show up on my doorstep. No thought required. In last month's delivery:

Not pictured: Baked sweet potato fries because I dove in right away. Those bad boys were gone before I knew it (oops). Remember: If you're new to NatureBox, you can get your first month at 50% off if you use my affiliate link.

Question: How was your weekend? Did you try any new recipes that I should know about?

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