Thursday, January 16, 2014

Sponsored Post: Make #OneChange with #VegaOne and the @VegaTeam

The following post is sponsored by SweatPink and Vega. As a SweatPink Ambassador, I was given the opportunity to review Vega products, but no other compensation was received. As always, the following thoughts and opinions are my own.

Earlier this year, I indicated that I really needed to work on my snacking habits. I'm what you might call a Serial Snacker. Aways hungry, never without a fix. Even more so now that I'm pregnant. But lately, those fixes haven't been so great. So I've been doing what I can to keep a stock of healthy granola bars, plenty of fruits and veggies, get it.

So when SweatPink offered up the chance to review the new Vega One Nutritional Shake as part of the Vega #OneChange initiative, I jumped to participate. I like Vega products and knew this one wouldn't be an exception—and, I knew that it would be yet another healthy option for me when I got hungry.

Especially in the afternoon when snacks need to be not only healthy, but quick because I'm usually running out the door shortly thereafter for one thing or another. Or maybe I'm just chasing a toddler around the house. But when I have a little more time than usual, I like to make smoothies. They are beyond delicious and never boring. However, they sometimes aren't filling, which is where this Nutritional Shake from Vega comes into play.

(Please forgive my assistant, she's still learning.)

Packets full of protein and vitamins, that's what they are. So they have the power to add that extra little oomph to whatever you're blending.

Mixed on their own, they're not so bad...although, I think the French Vanilla flavor is a bit too sweet for me. I'm usually better served with a chocolate-based flavor if I'm going to mix something like this on it's own. Because who doesn't love chocolate milk, right?


I made a smoothie yesterday with the following:

(Not pictured: Four ice cubes and a cup of water. And yes, those are frozen peaches. They're not in season right now, and I find no fault in the frozen version.)

Smoothies don't really take that much time to make, but in the grand scheme of opening a granola bar or peeling the top off some yogurt, there's more prep. Unless you prep ahead. Either way, everything gets thrown into the blender in one fell swoop.

And two seconds later you have healthy deliciousness.

Don't judge a book by it's cover. This combination of fruits and kale was wonderful. But again, just a bit too sweet because of the French Vanilla. However, when I used only half of the packet, it was perfect. Realize, though, that my taste buds are different than yours. Maybe you'll like the full packet in the mix! Either way, you're still packing an extra punch into the end result.

This year, regardless of your resolutions or goals, join me in making healthy snack choices.  Just #OneChange each day can go a long way towards your overall health and fitness. When 3:00PM rolls around and you get hungry, remind yourself that you have one choice: Healthy or not. What's your snack going to be? If it typically leans toward being not healthy, then this #OneChange is yours to make. And it's an easy one, really.

Question: What kind of snacker are you? Perhaps you fall into one of the categories on the #OneChange website? Check it out and let me know, and be sure to share with me your go-to, on-the-go snack! I'm always looking for new options! 


Sarah (Shh..Fit Happens) said...

I really wish i could get into making smoothies more! They always look so tasty on blogs! I need my own personal chef... I am a lazy snacker! I just grab whatever is around and easy!

Linz @ Itz Linz said...

I love Vega One's french vanilla - I'm all about the sweetness! :)

adailydoseoffit said...

Do you meal prep? You should chop up a bunch of fruit on Sunday. You could even freeze it! Then all you'd have to do is grab and dump into the blender. Easy!

Olena @ candies & crunches said...

I've come up with my own recipe of Banana Mango Kale Smoothie and it was good! Gotta try this one out!


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