Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Time to make #mycommitment to 2013.

There is something happening today in cities across this country. Thousands of people are lining up, or perhaps have already lined up, to run a 5K race—but it's not just a race. It's a movement. A gathering of individuals, all of whom are making the commitment to "live a healthy lifestyle while helping others do the same." Here's more:

I found out about this movement without much time to participate. There's not an officially sanctioned 5K in my city, but that doesn't mean I can't run one of my own:

That's me, freezing my butt off on a cold today in Michigan.
That's me, taking some alone-time to reflect on my hopes, dreams, desires and goals.

That's me, making my commitment to 2013.

Happy New Year, friends!

Question: How are you making a commitment to 2013?

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Kristy H. said...

Hey, I found a crossfit box in St. Joe. It is in the warehouse buildings across from Clemintines. It is called Crossfit Tides. They have a website. I've been wanting to try a class too.

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