Tuesday, January 8, 2013

30-Minute #Kettlebell Workout

I teach a 30-minute kettlebell class on Tuesdays. Man, it's so much fun. Strength meets cardio in a quick and efficient format. Do you have access to kettlebells? If so, I give you today's workout:

kettlebell exercises
I heard "that was a good one" as I was picking up the studio after class. You'll have to let me know if you agree. Remember, work at your own pace—and always consult your physician before starting any rigorous and overly physical activity. I like giving you workouts, but I'm totally not prescribing them to you as I would my class or my clients. Please be careful, and proceed at your own risk! I'd hate for you to get hurt! I can watch the friends in my class, but I can't watch you. So I have to trust you to be smart about your use of my workouts.

That said, I think I've had my fill of exercise for the day (believe it or not). I taught the 6:00AM Spinning® class today. We've been off for two weeks because of the holidays, so it was nice to get back in the saddle in an official manner. And I think I've finally gotten the hang of clipping in and out of the pedals with my new shoes. The first time I taught class in them, I had to get help with that.

Silly me.
Silly, famous me.

Not really. I'm totally not famous, but check this out:

My local newspaper puts out a Health Monthly section, and yours truly is on the cover of it. I got called to the club on a whim last week, thinking maybe I'd make some small little callout in the guts of the report, but no. I'm smack dab on the front in all my no-shower, no-makeup glory. Bah!

Needless to say, people had fun with me at work today. "Wow, we're taking class from a celebrity today!" "Can I have your autograph?" "You should have shaved your armpits."

That last one might be true if you look close enough.
Thankfully, I'm wearing a t-shirt just in case. Ha!

Too fun.

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Question: Have you ever felt like a celebrity? When? Was it fitness related?


Kelly McNelis said...

Love it! You look awesome! I was on our local morning show but didn't feel famous. Lots of fun though!

adailydoseoffit said...

Thanks, Kelly!

I would be so nervous on TV, gah!

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