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Let's Review: @belVita Breakfast Biscuits

I love grocery shopping. I love the adventure that is walking up and down each aisle and gathering what I need while checking out what I probably maybe might like to should try someday. Watching me from afar, you might think that I was a tourist in an art museum. I study the details. The nutrition information and ingredient lists on the items that intrigue my tastebuds. Sometimes this leads to a purchase. Sometimes I just add the item to my "someday" list. And that, of course, is where I placed belVita breakfast biscuits the first time I saw them. And the second, third and fourth time I thought about buying them. So when FitFluential offered up the chance to try them, decide whether or not it was the food gods saying "here...will ya just try them already?!".

So I did. I tried all of them. (No, not at once.) First impression? Tasty. And I'll share more personal impressions with you later. Right now, I'd like to talk about them from a brand perspective.

Each box comes with five packets. Each packet has four biscuits. They're crunchy like graham crackers, and they provide 18-20 grams of whole grains per packet. Which is a good thing when it comes to breakfast. You want to start your day with carbs, and if those carbs are whole grains, then hey...ya did good. Consider yourself energized.

In addition to the whole grains, you'll get three grams of fiber and four grams of protein. Carbs, fiber and protein...bada-bing, right? You need all three. And maybe even all five flavors to keep your taste buds interested: Blueberry, Golden Oat, Cinnamon Brown Sugar, Chocolate and Apple Cinnamon. Pretty standard fare, there. You'll find them, well...I find them in the cracker aisle at my grocery store and I'm assuming this is pretty universal. They retail around $3.69 for a box. Also fairly universal.

But here's the thing. You can't just eat a package of belVita biscuits for breakfast and call it good. You have to balance them out with some fruit and dairy (like yogurt or a latte), too.

Well-rounded, folks. That's what your meals need to be, regardless of when or where you eat them. Remember: Healthy bodies are not built in the gym, they're made in the kitchen. You've heard that before, right? If not, implant it in your brain. Live it, love it and learn it for best results.

Also for best results, start your belVita adventure with the Golden Oat flavor. Alright, maybe that's stretching it a little bit...that's just my way of letting you know that Golden Oat is my favorite. They're all pretty delish, but this one takes the cake (biscuit?) for its simplicity. For its ability to mesh with just about any yogurt flavor out there. Hello, delicious vehicle for transferring yogurt into my mouth. We have a winner.

Other winning thoughts from yours truly about belVita breakfast biscuits:

But, come on, nothing is perfect. So here's what makes me go "hmm." There are always "things that make you go 'hmm'." Am I right?

1) The cookie crumbles, folks. This isn't necessarily a bad thing, but I don't need any help in the "messy eater" department. I do just fine on my own.

2) I kinda feel like the sugar content is borderline high. Like, on the higher end of acceptable. Then again, I usually look for snacks with ten or less grams of sugar. But I'm no dietician or nutritionist. So maybe it's fine. Just sayin'.

3) Texture? Kind of cardboard-y. See graham cracker comment above. So if you like graham crackers, then you'll be fine with these. Especially if you dip them in yogurt.

4) Lotsa fat. But these are sold as a meal, not a snack. So it makes a little more sense, I guess. We do kinda need a little fat in our diets. But still.

5) Gotta knock 'em for being a processed snack. Blueberry is a delicious biscuit, but if I have that packaged goodie or a fresh and homemade blueberry muffin in front of me, obviously i'm going with the muffin. But I mean, in a pinch, these will do.

In fact, I'd be lying to you if I told you that I never at anything prepackaged. I'm always on the go, and I have a little one. Prepackaged comes in handy every so often. So when I do buy prepackaged things, they have to be good...and as good for me as possible.

So I'd probably buy these, yeah. They're decent.

Question: Out of the five belVita flavors, which one would you eat right now if you could? And what would you pair it with (remember, think fruit and dairy)?

FitFluential LLC compensated me for this campaign. All opinions are my own.

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MCM Mama said...

My kids love these things as a snack, but I have to make them share one package because they are indeed more of a meal. The blueberry is a favorite around here.

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