Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Ab Workout With Yoga

I vowed to get in more yoga this year, and I've been doing just that. On every Wednesday, to be precise. Tuesdays are somewhat tough on me because I teach Spinning at 6:00AM and then a Kettlebell class at 10:00AM, so needless to say—I'm wiped by the time the day is over, which makes Wednesday the ideal day for some yoga. My sore muscles are loving the om-ing. I'm already noticing a change in my flexibility. I have Tara Stiles to thank:

Seriously, I can't say enough about this series of DVDs. I mean, I'm obviously partial to her because of her name—but she teaches a great class, she really does. Totally worth the investment if you're looking for some at-home yoga.

Also if you're looking for some at-home yoga:

Slowly make your way through the above, breathing deeply with each move while focusing on your core muscles in particular. It's not mean to be a fast workout, but a thorough one much like a yoga class would be. Repeat it five times through, and if it starts to get easy, extend the length of your planks.

Let me know how it goes.

Question: What at-home yoga DVDs or resources would you recommend?

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YumYucky said...

I've been neglecting my Yoga lately. Rodney Yee is my fav, but I also like to make up my own stuff on the fly. Thanks for the Yoga nudge. I needed it!

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