Wednesday, October 24, 2012

I sweat when I cycle (and other thoughts).

Today feels like Tuesday. Clearly my head is still on vacation, sitting poolside with a bag of snacks from NatureBox, soaking up the Florida sun. Yes, that's right. I was in Florida. Land of sunshine and Mickey Mouse—although we did not partake in the magic of mousedom. No, we sat poolside in a wonderful home. AND DID NOTHING. Which was great. Seriously great. I mean:

Right? But now here I am, back in Michigan where it's truly Fall yet oddly warm at almost 80 degrees. Wha? Yeah. You read that right, which means I'm fairly certain we're in for a massively annoying, nostril-freezing and toes-blue type of winter. I even heard the s-word on the news today. I refuse to even think about the s-word yet. 


I finally finished unpacking all the tanks and swimsuits that are bound to collect dust in my closet from here on out. It's back to reality, folks. Back to work, and working out. And running. I did a little bit of running down in Florida, but did NOT clock the mileage I had hoped for. I just couldn't tear myself away from my family. It was too nice to have them all to myself without serious commitment or household chores. So I'm playing a bit of catch-up this week—in a new pair of Saucony running shoes.

Yes, another new pair of running shoes courtesy of Saucony and FitFluential. This ambassador is certainly happy to be testing out the new Saucony Triumph 10 running shoes. They're neutral in nature, and will be available in November. I've only clocked five miles in them, so I'm not prepared to give my complete opinion just yet, but this is my first pair of Saucony running shoes and so far...well, I'm not disappointed. More to come. 

More Spinning® to come, too.

You might remember my certification, which I completed right before we left for Florida. Today was the first time I got back in the saddle. I had our Spinning® room all to myself, so I hopped on the lead bike for a 45-minute ride.

Seriously, I sweat so much when I cycle:

It's out of control. 

Also out of control? My laundry room. And my kitchen sink. So I better get to it. Tomorrow? Another five miles in my new Sauconys, a foam rolling class and a witch party. 

Yeah, I said "witch party." 

Question: What type of exercise really, truly makes you sweat bullets every single time?

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