Monday, October 1, 2012

#FoodiePenpals: Secrets from the Cookie Princess

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Moving along...

A few months ago, I sent a package to Colleen of Secrets from the Cookie Princessand I got a package from her this month! How funny. Out of all the people in this program, we get paired up again. She didn't disappoint, although the dang post office jostled the box a bit too much. Two months in a row for this scenario:

And I love me some salsa, so I was super bummed about this mess. If you're a Foodie PenPal, or if you ever send breakable containers full of liquidy stuff—put the containers in a sealed bag. If it explodes, the bag'll save the rest of the items in the box. Just a thought.

Lucky for me, the only thing that got ruined was the box of cookies. And I really do mean just the box. The cookies themselves were wrapped in plastic:

They were so good. As was everything else I got:

I'm pretty sure the granola lasted about ten minutes, and I'm surprised that I made it last that long. I mean, yeah:

If you want to be a Foodie PenPal, here are the details you need to know about:

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