Tuesday, October 2, 2012

10 Running-Related Personal Questions

So this is fun. It's a survey, the kind that everyone is filling out. Well...I mean everyone that runs and blogs about it. All the cool people. Except that's not true because you're cool and you might not run or blog, but Dimity and Sarah do. They're behind this survey and Another Mother Runner, which you should probably check out if you're a mom that runs. Like me. The survey (and my answers):

1) Best Run Ever
I think this distinction belongs to the one-and-only half marathon I've ever done. It was in September of 2009. I trained for it while I put the finishing touches on our wedding, and ran it less than a month before walking down the aisle. It was in Chicago, down Lakeshore Drive. Two hours and 23 minutes plus some change. The medal hangs in my closet as a friendly reminder that I can do anything I put my heart to:

2) Three Words That Describe My Running
Therapeutic. Quiet. Thoughtful.

3) My Go-To Running Outfit
I have a running skirt from Target. I've had it for years. It's black and a little bit short, but I don't care. I wore it before and during my pregnancy and I wear it now. It matches everything as black clothes do, which is why I like it. And it's comfortable. No chafing, no mid-run wedgies.

4) Quirky Habit While Running
I spit. Get over it.

5) Morning, Midday or Evening
I prefer to run in the morning, before half the world gets up, but I hate running when it's pitch black out, which means most of my runs are now in the evening. At dusk. As the crisp night air moves in. Perfect conditions, really.

6) I Won't Run Outside When...
See above. Also, I won't run if it's lightening outside. Scary.

7) Worst Injury—And How I Got Over It
I honestly haven't had any running injuries, knock on wood. When I was little, I broke my right tibia doing a vault in gymnastics, but this survey isn't about gymnastics.

8) I Felt Most Like a Badass Mother Runner When
I ran throughout my pregnancy, late into my seventh month. It felt great, until it started to put too much pressure on my lower back. But making laps around the gym with a giant baby belly, despite the "she's crazy" stares, it was awesome. I also ran a 10K at exactly five months postpartum. I finished second in my age group.

9) Next Race
Hot Chocolate 15K in Chicago on November 4 of this year. Bring it...and the chocolate, obvi.

10) Potential Running Goal for 2013
All of this distance training has me itching for another half marathon. So perhaps that's on the list of things to do relatively early on in the year. I'd also like to participate in both color and mud runs. Oh, AND...some 5Ks here and there. I'd really like a first place finish in my age group. I think that'd be cool.

I also think it'd be cool if you answered one of the questions above in the comments below.

But before I leave you, I wan to direct you to Jennifer's blog—JFoYo Health. Check out the post I wrote for her: "Five Things Motherhood Taught Me About Fitness."


Kat said...

Great post! I just got some of the Champion Target skorts on clearance the other day! Kat @ www.sneakersandfingerpaints.com

Laura @ Mommyrunfast said...

I did this a week or two again and had many of the same answers! http://www.mommyrunfast.com/10-running-questions/ I also loved being able to run through my pregnancy, and am a morning runner all the way!

adailydoseoffit said...

Looks like I need to make a trip to Target! Oh, darn...

adailydoseoffit said...

Sweet! Great minds think alike...and best of luck with that ten-miler you've got coming up!

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