Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Red makes you hungry. (#Infographic)

Did you know that colors might have the power to persuade us into thinking and feeling a certain way? I've always heard this theory, but never really paid any attention to it until this lovely (and colorful) infographic came to my attention:

Psychology of Color [Infographic]

The information above is ironic to me for a number of reasons.

1) My kitchen is red, which means that my dining room is also red because the two are in one big room. I thought I was hungry all the time because of my fitness and breastfeeding schedules. Can I really blame it on the wall?! Regardless, I have plans to paint it green which I now know is a healthy color. And according to the infographic above, "workers in green environments have fewer stomach aches." I'd say that's appropriate for a kitchen/dining room, eh?

2) The walls in my daughter's room are grey—a color that conveys purity and innocence. Her accent color is primarily pink, which evokes a sense of calm and warmth. Her second accent color is yellow. It supposedly makes babies cry. Yellow picture frame, big yellow pillow, yellow "H" for But whatever, she's such a happy baby (and nine months old today).

3) I wear a lot of black at the gym, and we all know that it's a slimming color. It also represents evil, death and mourning. I still wonder how something that's slimming can be evil at the same time.

4) The gym where I work just redesigned the front lobby, complete with new furniture and carpeting. Primary color? Yellow. According to the above, yellow increases the metabolism and gives out energy. Wise and fitting choice, I must say. ( Really, though. I have no idea if that's why they picked it.)

Question: Do any of the colors in your house contradict the color info above? Do you have a favorite color? What is it and why?

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