Monday, October 8, 2012

Mondays are for catching up, too.

Aren't weekends supposed to be for catching up? For doing all of the things we didn't get to during the week? Like grocery shopping and laundry and whathaveyou? Typically, I guess. But in my case, I spent today catching up on all of those things. And I'm sure many of you did the same. Perhaps especially if you work in an office, although I'm sure you were catching up on emails and other office-type whathaveyous. This is me in my office:

Well, my second office. My first office is full of stinky, sweaty people and I love it. The above is the office where I write, pin things and buy new running shoes:

Not gonna lie, I totally fell for these because of their punchy bright color. But I do like Nike shoes, and I did try them on...but I tried them on about a month ago when I wasn't seriously looking, so here's to hoping I'm correct when I remember them being comfortable. The helpful Nike chat guy said they were quite comparable to my Lunar Glides. We'll find out in a few days.

Anyway, speaking of grocery shopping, I bought the goods for some more black bean soup and I just got done making it—it took all of ten minutes and will be the perfect lunch for the next four days.

Unless my husband eats a bowl of it. He tasted it and claimed to like it, which makes me nervous because I love it so much that I don't want to share it. But I will. Because that's what a wife does. She shares.

Am I rambling? 

Let's talk about fitness. 

I'm happy to report that the seven miles I ran this Sunday felt really good. Good like I could have kept going. So last week's training plan went well and I'm one week closer to the Hot Chocolate—here's to hoping this week doesn't throw me off. 

I'm not sure I'll get my long run in this weekend because I'll be participating in a Spinning certification course that requires two hour-long spin classes. I may only be up for a short run on Sunday, if that. We'll see how the legs hold up, otherwise it's eight miles in two weeks for me, with a few short runs up until then. (Starting with a 5-miler tomorrow.)

Question: What meal, snack or beverage do you make that you wish you never had to share with anyone (but do, obviously, because you're such a nice person)?

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Tracey English said...

Awesome about the spinning certification. Id love to get certified but the gym where I work doesnt offer spin, so it seems a bit unnecessary right now!

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