Saturday, June 16, 2012

How to Run Peacefully

I really enjoy waking up in the morning. I know that sounds weird, but I hear the sound of my alarm as the promise of a new day. A clean slate on which I can write a new chapter in the storybook of my life. I might know some of what will happen to me in the forthcoming 24 hours, but most of it remains to be seen. And experienced. So when I wake up in the morning, I try to stop and reflect. To capture the peace and quiet, which is mine and mine alone as the rest of my family sleeps.

Today, I chose to wake up at  6:00AM and go running.
It might have been the most peaceful run ever.

The weatherman promised us a hot Saturday, and I hate running in hot temps, so I laced up and drove down to the beach. I didn't feel like running through my neighborhood, and the beach tends to hustle and bustle with tourists these days...but they're rarely up at 6:00AM. And there isn't anything better than an empty beach in the morning as the sun's first rays shine down on it.

I ended up running four and a half miles. It  didn't really matter. I was too into the moment to care, and I barely noticed my nine-minute miles. The sidewalk art distracted me... did the prettiest flowers ever.

It's funny, when you really tune in to your environment, you see these things. The little things you pass all the time without noticing. All too often we get caught up in the passing of time. We get caught up in the miles we're logging or the times we have to beat. And we miss those little details that can really make a moment. So take a deep breath, I urge you. Capture the peace that lives around you. Run free, at least every once in a while. And say hello to the sun as it shines down on your world.

That's what I did this morning and I had the best run ever.

And then I had the best cup of iced coffee ever. Decaf...with skim and a shot of hazelnut.

That shot of hazelnut? It's the little thing. You know, one of those "little things" that make  like so wonderful.

When I got home, life was as I had left it. My husband and daughter still in their respective beds, peacefully sleeping. My own peaceful morning still in existence, for they would soon wake and my peace would morph into one that I shared.

Because I am at peace wherever my family is.
And sometimes when I'm running, too.

1) Forget about your goals. Run simply because you can.
2) Tune in to your surroundings. Look for things you've never noticed before.
3) Pick an inspiring path, perhaps one that lacks significant hustle and bustle.
4) Choose a playlist that both soothes and encourages. For example:

5) When you're done, just stop and smile. Reflect on the power and strength of your own body.

That power and strength is one of the most important things ever.


Abby @ Backatsquarezero said...

Your run looks gorgeous!  I love your pictures.

adailydoseoffit said...

Thanks, Abby! I took them with Instagram on my iPhone.

Mo said...

Wow, wish I could take your running route! It looks peaceful and beautiful. I'm glad you enjoyed it.

adailydoseoffit said...

I pinch myself every time I run along the lakeshore. It is quite a route!

Kate said...

Tara...I read this post a day ago and then today, totally had a run JUST like this..only in the afternoon. Zoned and had an amazing run. It was the best. And I thought of this one..right after I finished. That is all I have :) 

Kate said...

oops...thought of this post" after I finished 

adailydoseoffit said...

Isn't it the best kind of run?! I can only imagine what your path looks like...must be some beautiful backdrops.

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