Friday, June 29, 2012

That's nuts, man. (#Infographic)

I realized this morning as I was creating yet another delicious bowl of oatmeal that my supply of honey peanut butter is dwindling. As in, there is only one serving left. This is a crisis akin to having but one diaper left in the diaper bag. It's just not a good thing. 

I typically buy two jars of unsalted, dry roasted peanuts, giving one a whirl in the 'ol food processor while keeping the other on-hand for restock purposes. This usually gets me through the week, but I have no restock jar. I HAVE NO RESTOCK JAR OF PEANUTS, PEOPLE! 

Things are about to get nuts around here:

Question: How do you incorporate nuts into your diet? Do you have a favorite nut? Obviously I can't live without peanuts...almonds and hazelnuts are good, too.

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PB and Peppers said...

Love almonds, peanuts and cashews.  There best in peanut butter form!

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