Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Peanut Chia Hazelnut Honey Nut Butter

You guys. I cannot even tell you how delicious the above is. I seriously cannot! It might be my new favorite nut butter, of which I have many. I ran out of peanut butter this morning so I threw the leftover peanuts, some Chia seeds, roasted hazelnuts and a drizzle of honey in my food processor and let it churn—I could eat the entirety of the results in one sitting. I'm not even joking. If I had almonds, I probably would have thrown them in as well. Maybe next time...or not.  It's so good as is. Make it...go, right now. Just make it.

As if you don't already have enough to do, eh? Seems like I've been crazy busy this week and it's only Tuesday. Hannah is my priority, my full-time job...but I also work part-time at the gym, plus I consider household maintenance a huge part of my responsibilities. My husband does enough from 8 to 5. I love that he's so willing to help out when he gets home from work, but I like to have as much of it done as I can. Sometimes I don't get any of it done.

I'm learning to accept that.

I'm learning to accept that I don't have to get everything done in one fell swoop. There are essential items on the to-do list, and there are items that can and will get done when I can and will do them.  If I'm constantly going and doing and checking things off the list...well, what else am I missing out on? I learned this point pretty quickly after Hannah was born. 

When it comes to the to-do list, I like to do as much as I can. But getting things checked off doesn't define me. It doesn't define my abilities. It doesn't define who I am nor does it define my self-worth. But when it comes to the list of things I want to do for the sake of living a great life, like hanging out with my daughter in a pile of toys or reading a delicious book while she naps, going for a run or making crazy good nut butters...those are the things that define my existence. 

Those are the things that mold and shape me into the person I am. Those are things that make life grand. Not laundry, organizing or anything else task-ish. Granted, those things need to be done, but they can take a back seat to other, more experienceable things if need be. Because why? Life is meant to be lived. The more we do, the more we can be ourselves in a happy existence. 

Yes, sitting down and doing nothing is still doing something. 
And it's a good thing to do, really.

Question: What's one thing you did today simply because you wanted to enjoy doing it? And if you feel like getting all deep on me, tell me how that moment helped define you as a person.

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Katie said...

Doing absolutely nothing and indulging and being okay with it! I tend to feel when I'm being lazy that I should be doing something active; I'm interning 5 days a week for 9 hours plus maintaining my social life by going out on the weekends-I deserve a lazy day! It's always going to be a struggle though.

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