Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Valslides, Part 2

I started another week of Valerie Waters' I Want My Bikini Body Express program today. Last week went well, starting on Wednesday with a full BBX workout. The burn? I felt it. I felt it throughout the week, actually—even though I'm not following the program exactly. It would be counterproductive of me to teach my Circuit Sculpt class on Monday and Friday, and then do one of the assigned BBX workouts (which you are supposed to do three times a week, with cardio on the in-between days). So unbeknownst to my students, I incorporated some of her moves into my classes. And since today is Wednesday, I've introduced myself to a new BBX workout.

And I did so at home, in my at-home gym:

Otherwise known as the room in our basement that we haven't done anything with yet. Although we (as in, my husband) did hang a nice piece of artwork.

Heath Ledger as The Joker.
It scares the crap out of me every time I look at it.

But, it's not about where you work out—it's about how you work out. So never you mind the unfinished basement. Or the booze.

What I love most about Valerie's program is that she divides it into four portions: Prep, Sweat, Sculpt and Polish. I promise you, she's not kidding about the "Sweat" portion either. Proof:

My legs, which are still sore from Monday's workout, pretty much hate me right now. No literally, as in, they despise me. But in some sick and twisted way, I actually enjoy their hatred of me. If I don't get sore, I don't feel like I'm working hard enough. Sometimes a girl's gotta feel the burn, yo!

Needless to say, I'm looking forward to working with today's workout the rest of the week.

My thoughts about Valerie Waters' Bikini Body Express program thus far:

1) It's so super easy to follow. Down to the descriptions of each exercise, should you need them. 
2) There aren't any gimmicks. I hate gimmicks. 
3) Every exercise is easy to figure out, if not already familiar.
4) The suggested weekly workout schedule is not overwhelming.
5) Equipment use is minimal, which adapts it to the at-home gym.
6) The Valslides rock, for real. 

I wanna expand on #6 for a minute: When I first got the Valslides, I wasn't that impressed by them as I had been used to working out with sliding discs at the gym. So when the program suggested I do an inclined plank with my feet on the Valslides, I honestly chuckled a bit. EA-SY! But as it turned out, not really. 

See, Valslides only work on the carpet. Unlike the discs which only work on a hard, smooth floor. This means the Valslides introduce a continual element of instability and/or movement that gives extra zing to any exercise. Sure, an inclined plank would be easy for me. But when my feet want to slide right out from underneath me...well, that made it hard as I had to fight harder to hold the plank. 

Today, I had to do mountain climbers with my toes on the slides. All I need to say is this: Those Valslides slide like heck, man! It's no back-and-forth action. They wanted to go side-to-side, too. 

Anyway, so that's where I'm at with BBX.

And this is what I got in my CSA box today:

I gave the giant head of broccoli to my partner in CSA crime, while I took the cauliflower. We split everything else up equally. Wait, you have to look closer at the cauliflower. It's so cute:

In other news, it's What I Ate Wednesday. Sensible snacks are still all the rage, so I'll give you three favorites as of late:

Best cracker of my life. Especially when paired up with ground up black beans.

Peas. Technically not my snack, but still quite sensible. Although I much preferred my iced coffee:


Tomorrow, I officially take over as the Foam Roller instructor. 

Go me.

Also: Don't forget about my giveaway.

Question: What kind of fitness equipment do you have at home? What's your favorite? And what's your set up? Do you work out in your basement?

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