Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Strawberry and Basil Lemonade

Last week, I got a ton of fresh strawberries in my CSA box. I also had some in my crisper. So what's a girl to do with such goodness? I mean, besides eat them plain and whole? I baked them into a quick bread. And mashed them into my lemonade.

...with some fresh basil from my herb pots. Talk about a refreshing twist! I loved this combo in my water, and it works well in my lemonade, too. Confession: I used Country Time in the essence of, well...time. I drool just thinking about what it would taste like in REAL lemonade. Sadly, all of my strawberries are gone. I'm getting another dose of the CSA tomorrow...maybe there will be more.

In other news, my medal from the Strawberry Run arrived today:

Race medals are the best.

Also the best? Happy Baby pose. You know, the one where you're down on your back and grabbin' at your toes with your knees bent? Yeah, that one. It's also the pose my little yoga girl is perfecting these days. Although, she's increased the intensity by chewing her toes in said position. I don't know how she does it, and I thought about as much today in class.

Today was a yoga day, tomorrow...HIIT.

Question: How did you get your fitness in today?

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