Wednesday, December 22, 2010


I frequent a few fit life blogs on a regular basis. It's nice to see what my peers are doing, and I am genuinely interested in what they have to say. And sometimes they have a lot to say about the Green Monster.'s not a scary cartoon character, even though Oscar the Grouch comes to mind (at least that's what comes to my mind). It's actually a smoothie that's been appropriately named by Angela at Oh She Glows for it's monstrous level of nutritional value. What's in it? Spinach!

Sounds gross, right? I've been intensely curious about the Green Monster for quite some time, though I haven't quite worked up the courage to try it. Until yesterday, that is. I ended up raiding the salad bar at Martin's on my way home from the gym yesterday. I was craving something super nutritious and this concoction immediately came to mind. So I packed a perfect little container full of fresh spinach...

...grabbed a few more things, then I hit the road for home. I couldn't help but wonder if I was about to seriously gross myself out. I mean, I love smoothies. But spinach in a smoothie? I wasn't sure about that, despite the fact that my fellow fit life bloggers seem to love it. It couldn't be that bad, right? Turns out, it isn't. Green Monsters are actually quite delicious! And according to the official Green Monster website, they can be made in a variety of different ways. Essentially, you're just adding spinach to your smoothie. You all know why spinach is a good thing, right? Tons of vitamins, minerals and fiber. All of which we need in our diets. I mean, if Popeye likes it, then it must be good.

I used the following recipe, which Angela thinks is fool proof. And I think it's a great base for just about anything else you'd like to throw in. It makes enough for about one full glass, which is a healthy dose (if you ask me).

Angela's Green Monster Smoothie

1/2 tbsp ground flax
1 cup fresh spinach
1/2 banana
1-1/4 cup milk
1/2 cup ice

Place the ingredients in the blender (except for the ice) in the same order they are listed above. This weighs everything down, which ultimately helps everything blend together as one. Blend until smooth, then add the ice. Now pour and enjoy! 

Aren't smoothies just the easiest meal to make? I'd have one every single day if I could...oh wait, I almost do. It's usually either that or a salad for lunch. And according to the friendly guy that bagged my groceries yesterday, I make a really nice salad. You be the judge:

Just looks like a bunch of veggies to me, crazy guy. (He was so particular about me NOT messing it up in the bag that he showed me exactly how to hold the bag so as not to cause spillage. Funny stuff. Thanks for the tips, guy.)

Question: Do you put spinach in your smoothies? If so, what do you blend it with? If not, what's your go-to smoothie ingredient?

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Unknown said...

If you are a spinach lover you need to try kale or collard greens. Sautee it with onion, garlic, a little pancetta, white beans, and fire roasted tomatoes. Shave some parm over the top. Best healthy comfort food ever! And kale is packed with more vitamins and good stuff than spinach. :)

sweetiepie said...

LOVE the green smoothie! One of my favorites has green grapes, a frozen banana, pineapple (including the core, which is where the anti-inflammatory bromelain is concentrated), frozen mango, fresh spinach, flax seed, water and ice. A Vitamix blender makes it super smooth!

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