Friday, December 31, 2010

Goodbye, 2010! (...and ten ways to make a good resolution)

December 31, 2010. Here we are, I suppose. At the very end of our dear friend 2010. It's that day where all of us, from here to there, gather to celebrate another year gone by. Some of us put on fancy clothes, others fall asleep soundly in anticipation of a new beginning. Most of us contemplate that New Year's resolution, and I think pretty much all of us gather around a television at some point to watch that famous ball drop in New York City.

Did you know that only eight balls have dropped in Times Square since 1908?

The current ball weighs in at about 12,000 pounds and has been employed since 2008. Oh, and there are roughly 32,000 Waterford crystals on it. Yeah, actual crystals.  Can you imagine? It must be amazing up close. Also amazing—those who make AND KEEP their New Year's resolution. Such a great idea, really. Setting goals for a new year. To make them last for a month is usually fairly easy. 12 months? Generally unheard of. I thought I'd give you some tips since, well...most resolutions have something to do with fitness.

1) Be realistic. Don't aim too high or reach too quickly. It's a surefire way to find failure fast.

2) Be specific. Don't just say "eat healthy" or "go to the gym." That's just common sense. Resolve to
    execute portion control, to get more veggies on a daily basis, to hit the gym twice a week for 30
    minutes or to run a marathon. Create a solid goal that you can visualize yourself achieving.

3) Write down your resolutions, proclaim them to your best friend or significant other. When a goal is
    constantly in front of you, or when someone else knows it, you can't help but be accountable for
    your efforts to achieve it.

4) Revise and edit. Keep track of your efforts to achieve your resolutions and goals. If things go well,
    take the next step. If things aren't going well, ask yourself why. Step back and change things so that
    you CAN achieve whatever it is you want to.

5) Believe in yourself. Whatever it is you aim to do, believe that you can. If you don't, you're
    essentially setting yourself up for failure before you've even begun.

6) Don't let pitfalls and setbacks negate your resolutions. In other words—don't ever give up. One step
    back, three steps forward. I promise.

7) Don't make the same resolution as last year. Choose something different. Oh, can be related.
    But make sure you are challenging yourself with new goals. You know, so you don't get bored.

8) Reward yourself for a job well done. If you reach a goal or make the positive change you've been
    aiming for, let yourself know how proud YOU are of YOURSELF. It'll make achieving your next
    goal that much easier.

9) Take it seriously. Make it more than a fun thing you do on New Year's Eve just because everyone
    else is. Really, truly dive deep within your mind, body and soul and decide what it is you'd like to
    change or improve upon. You're worth it.

10) And finally, for every serious resolution you make—come up with a fun one. Why? Because
      everyone deserves to have fun. Especially you.

Speaking of fun, enjoy yourself tonight. Throw confetti and down some champagne in celebratory joy. Pretend you know the words to "Auld Lang Syne" and sing "watermelon" at the top of your lungs. At that point, no one will know the difference. (Trust me, I do it every year.) And if you can't find someone to kiss when the ball drops—who cares. Give yourself a hug, then chug another sip of bubbly. It's NYE, baby! And you've had a great year.

Question: What is your New Year's resolution?

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