Sunday, December 26, 2010

And the winner is...

Heather! Congratulations on such a delicious win! You will love "Heather's Healthy Mix." Please send me an email with your contact information before Wednesday at midnight EST with your mailing address so that I may forward it to the fine people at Me & Goji. Many thanks to all of my participants, and I'd especially like to thank Me & Goji for donating a cereal capsule. Congratulations to you as well, Me & Goji. I see that you were #25 on the Guidewire Group's Innovate! 100 List of outstanding and fast-moving startup companies from around the world. I can't honestly say that I know who the Guidewire Group is, but that really doesn't matter. Such an awesome accomplishment!

And since I'm on a roll with all the celebratory brouhaha...

I'd like to wish Lance, dad a very happy birthday. Don't let the number on his jersey fool you, he's celebrating the big 5-0 today! But he's a young 5-0, really. Give him 50 miles to ride, he'll tack more on at the end. Quite inspiring, his pedaling.

So I raise my water bottle to you, pops.

Here's to 50 more years of life. To more laughs, more bike races and finally, to a few more bottles of wine consumed with great friends and family.

With that, I'm headed out the door. We've been in Spring Lake for a few days now, and I'm very excited to meet up with Cari of EcoTrek Fitness for a beachside workout. She's a personal trainer in the area and a fit life blogger, too. We've been in contact for quite some time now and yet, we've never met! Check in tomorrow for all the details.

Question: Will you catch a post-holiday workout today?

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