Friday, December 10, 2010

See Jane walk!

All hail the queen of aerobics, Jane Fonda is back! And if you call yourself a baby boomer, then you're just the audience she's looking for. Behold the following, a glimpse at "Jane Fonda: Prime Time Walkout."

Best phrase ever: "That's a huge-ie." Tell me you heard it right there at the very end?

Gonna use it with my clients. "There's your motivation. That's a huge-ie." Gonna totally use it! In all seriousness though, her video appears to be a very excellent form of cardio. Particularly in terms of the target audience. Anything that gets the feet moving and the heart pumping is good. Very good, actually. And while that's a super important fact you should remember—we can't really talk about Jane Fond without referencing her spandex and legwarmer years. God, I love this:

1) I have no idea who Leslie Lilien is, but she downright KILLS the lyrics!
2) I can't stop looking at the guy in the red pants. It both disturbs and intrigues me. He looks back on
    this moment with regret, right?
3) The pink unitard rules the Earth. The pink unitard PLUS the pink and white briefs...well, that just
    rules the universe. Five times over.
4) How come the people in my 6AM Circuit Sculpt class don't "whooop" and "ooohhhyeahh" with
    excitement? Oh, wait. I bet I know. Clearly I need legwarmers. I bet it's all in Jane Fonda's
    legwarmers. Must. Own. Them. I want black ones.
5) Leslie scares me when she takes over. There's something oddly animalistic about her, so I'm
    ultimately glad the video cuts when it does. Aren't you?

But anyways, that's Jane for ya. Rumor has it she's fishing for a television show, so she might be back in our living rooms very soon. I personally cannot wait.

Not a fan? least let her teach you the importance of cardio. You work your biceps, calves and everything in between—so why not your heart and lunges? They are most certainly muscles, too. And really, strength isn't any good without cardio. Do both and you'll become the powerhouse you can be.

Question: What is your favorite workout video? And would you ever rock a pair of legwarmers?

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