Friday, December 3, 2010

On snow and the spirit of things.

Well, it's back. And by "it" I mean all that fluffy white stuff otherwise known as snow.

It surely is making my whole world very cold. Very, very cold indeed—so that means my goofy boots with the fur are out of their box and in use on my feet. (And for those of you who now have a song in your head: No, I do not own Apple Bottom jeans.) I really only wear them on my way to the gym and back. My brown Uggs have since replaced them, but I'm not sure I'll ever be able to throw these guys away. Truth is, they're super incredibly comfortable and they keep my feet much warmer (and give them much more traction) than my running shoes do when it's icy out. And for that reason alone, they'll remain an important part of my winter life. As will Christmas trees.

Last weekend, we joined my parents (the new pup!) and some extended family on a hunt for their Christmas tree. We go every year, and I can't wait to eventually get a real tree of our own. But for now, we put up our skinny little faker complete with a hodgepodge selection of ornaments—which includes my personal favorite, the fluffy hot pink fuzzball that gets prime real estate right at the top. Jason thinks it's ugly as sin, but I don't care!

Funny thing is, I'm having a really hard time getting into the spirit of things. You? Generally speaking, once I finish the turkey on Thanksgiving, I'm ready for all things Christmas. Not so much this year and I can't figure out why. Perhaps because I've been so busy at the gym that I haven't really had time to think about anything else.

Regardless of the reason, I'm not liking this not-ready-for-Christmas funk. It's high time I get into the spirit of things once and for all. And to help myself, I broke out the big gun on my way to work yesterday morning.

Mariah Carey's (original) Christmas album gets me every time. Including this time. The more I listen to it, the more I feel like a kid on Christmas eve. Giddy with anticipation. So that's good. I'm getting there. I even added a song to my Circuit Sculpt playlist:

I think music is really important, particularly when you're working out. It inspires you, moves you and generally just entertains you through every last rep. I try to pick a good mix to play during my classes. You can't please everyone all the time, but with an hour's worth of time, you truly can please everyone at least once through at least one song. So far, I keep getting compliments on my choices. And I think the addition of some holiday cheer was well received. Which brings me to today's dose of fit: Add some holiday music to your iPod or music player. Whatever you can handle. It's such feel-good music. And who doesn't like to feel good at the gym? Plus, the better you feel while you're working out...well, the more into your workout you'll be. Which means the harder you'll work. Which get it, right? Sometimes we just need to update our music to update our workouts. God bless inspiration.

Question: So what holiday song will you add to your playlist?!

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Unknown said...

I'm totally going to get poked for this, but I'm a fan of Destiny's Child and Whitney Houston Christmas songs. Really. Call me crazy.

And, T, I haven't been in the holiday spirit much either. I think it's because it's kind of warm here. And I haven't started Christmas shopping. Plus, there are very few homes decorated for the holiday.

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