Monday, December 20, 2010

WIN THIS: A custom cereal capsule from Me & Goji!

'Tis the season for gift-giving, so I've decided to roll from one giveaway right into another. (Lucky you!) So let's get right to it: it's time for breakfast. What do you eat for breakfast? Me, I like cereal. When I was a kid, my cereal choice often depended upon the prize inside the box. And if there weren't any good prizes out there, I'd go for Lucky Charms or Alpha-Bits. Sometimes even Boo Berry, and if I really wanted to rot my teeth—Fruity Pebbles. (What is UP with that funky after taste?) These days, my choices are a bit more refined. As in, a bit more healthy and well-suited to the fit life. Nine times out of ten, I reach for oatmeal. But recently, I purchased a cereal capsule from Me & Goji.

I love Me & Goji! With all the different cereals on the shelf, picking a healthy one (that you actually like, too) can be a huge headache. Added sugars this, super carbs that. Preservatives and etc...etc. Not so with Me & Goji. You get exactly what you want every. single. time. because you customize your own brew with "energy-packed, nutrient-dense whole foods straight from nature, not chemists." I picked the following:

Each ingredient boasts "health-enhancing weapons, a bullying history of beating down free radicals and invigorating legends of age defying properties."And if that doesn't entice your taste buds, then I give up! Oh, also—you get to name your mix. I named mine "A Daily Dose of Cereal" for obvious reasons. It's oh-so good with a splash of skim.

Now, when I was little, nothing beat getting down to the end of the box and finding that ridiculously cheap toy you play with like, time before forgetting about it. So at the bottom of my capsule, I found this:

 A dried goldenberry! How cool is that? Who knows what you'll find at the bottom of your cereal capsule. Yes, that's right. The guys at Goji are willing to give one Daily Dose reader a custom cereal capsule complete with the ingredients of your choosing. If you want to win, head on over to Me & Goji and build your mix. Then, come back here and leave me a comment with your list of ingredients and what you'd call it. Bonus entries if you "like" Me & Goji and Daily Dose (if you haven't already) on Facebook! All entries must be received by Friday, December 24, 2010 at midnight, EST. The winner will be announced on Sunday, December 26, 2010. G'luck!


Julie said...

Very cool Tara!
The JK Blend:
Golden granola, multigrain o's, coconut, raspberry, pumpkin, sunflowers and Brazil nuts!
Mmmmmmmm :)

Julie Klimek

Tammy said...

My Goji-To Breakfast cereal capsule will hold goji oats, multigrain flakes, oat bran, acai powder, pecans and chia.

And I "like" Me & Goji." :-)

Aly said...

Flax Your Muscles: Flaxed and flaked, multigrain flakes, strawberry, banana, and flax.

Heather said...

Mine would be golden granola, multigrain o's, cherries, almond slices and barley flakes. Oh dear, I'm not creative: Heather's Healthy Mix. :)

I "like" A Daily Dose of Fit on FB!

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