Sunday, August 1, 2010

Super Supersets

I few days ago, I posted an interesting statistic from Oxygen about supersets—they burn 33% more calories than a program that allows you to rest in between sets. And after I posted said statistic, a friend of mine asked me to recommend a few good supersets. Remember, the goal of a superset is to work opposing muscle groups while eliminating lengthy rest periods, so pay attention to how much time you spend in between each sets. BUT...don't speed through your workout. (Notes on speed coming tomorrow!) Give these favorites a try (they're in no particular order) and see if you notice the difference, you'll likely recognize each exercise. If not, let me know as I'd be happy to explain.

1) Hip Adductions/Hip Abductions
2) Mountain Climbers/Crunches
3) Pushups/Pullups
4) Leg Presses/Dead Lifts
5) Chest Presses/Bent Rows
6) Concentration Curls/Single-Arm Triceps Extension
7) Leg Extensions/Hamstring Curls
8) Hammer Curls/Triceps Presses
9) Bicep Curls/Triceps Dips
10) Dumbbell Flyes/Cable Rows

One last note—feel free to vary any of the above to increase intensity. I kept it basic to illustrate opposing muscle groups. For example, flip over a BOSU and balance on it as you do Mountain Climbers. And when you crunch, hold the BOSU above your head for an extra bit of resistance.

Did I forget a super superset? Share your favorite if it isn't listed above!


Unknown said...

Thanks, T! All exercises I do but at random. Now I can think in opposing muscle group sets. By leg press, do you mean using the machine where you push the platform away from you? I don't know a way to do them without the machine. Also, what is a dumbbell fly? I need to get better about using the cable machine. I used to use it with my trainer but I'm scared about going at it alone!

TARA said...

Yes, leg presses require the platform machine. Try varying your stance...wider legs, legs closer to the top of the feel the burn differently. To perform a dumbbell fly, lie on your back and hold a set of dumbbells over your chest. Palms facing each other. Lower the dumbbells out to your side, then bring them together. Keep a slight bend in the elbow, almost as if you were hugging a giant beach ball. It's like a chest press, but it uses your pecs a little differently.

Unknown said...

Oh yes, I didn't know the move by name. Love those.

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