Thursday, August 26, 2010

The Bobble

I'm very picky about water. All of it should taste the same, but you and I both know that it varies greatly from source to source. Blame it on the filters, but the truth remains that a lot of gunk seeps into our supply. That gunk affects taste, and can affect the way we feel. Thankfully, my tap water at home is decently delicious and my SIGG bottle transports it just fine. But once I empty it, if I can't get back home for a quick refill—what's a girl to do? Buy a bottle of water at the closest convenience store? Evil plastic meets unnecessary price tag! Find a water fountain? Um, well. That could be gross! So I bought a bobble. A wha? A bobble!

My husband introduced me to the product after reading about it in a design magazine. It's a reusable and recyclable, BPA-free water bottle with its very own carbon filter. Genius! And sold. I ordered the 18.5oz beauty at right. Look for a follow up when it arrives...

Question: Are you picky when it comes to water? How do you get yourself to drink enough water throughout the day?

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