Thursday, August 5, 2010

I'm leaving on a jet plane!

A good friend of mine is getting married in Jackson Hole, Wyoming this weekend. By the time you read this, I"ll be at the airport in Chicago. Or better yet—somewhere in the air over the middle of this country, en route to a weekend filled with good fun and great friends. (Minus one husband, which makes me sad.) But first, I had to fill an empty suitcase with all the things a girl could possibly need when she's away from home. And that's usually not a simple task for me. But I'm happy to report I only brought four pairs of shoes. Well, five if you count my sneakers. I made a pretty conscious effort to pack a few items that would help me stay fit and healthy throughout. Up first, some snacks.

Items include fresh and dry fruit. A bag of almonds and hazelnuts, and few packets of various nut butters which can be used on the fresh fruit or the nifty little rice cakes. Some LUNA bars (of course) and a new granola bar I found at Whole Foods a couple of weeks ago. I'm also going to bring my SIGG bottle—is it just me, or is bottled water ridiculously overpriced at the airport? I'm fine with fountain water, though it isn't always the tastiest—which is why I also packed some TRUE Lemon, Lime and Orange flavor packets.

Next, the toys. You already know that I packed my running shoes, which means I also packed some workout clothes and my iPod. Just in case there aren't any decent running routes, I threw in a jump rope. Our hotel has a gym, but hotel gyms can be sketch, so I brought my workout bands. And my workout journal. Finally, lovely Oxygen for some in-flight reading material—which I'll read after I've flipped through the SkyMall catalog. So the best!

When you go on a trip, do any of these items make it into your suitcase? How do you stay fit and healthy when you travel?

(In case you're wondering—you'll get your Daily Dose in my absence! I wouldn't leave you hanging now, would I? And I promise to share fit stories from my trip when I get back. We're going white water rafting. Kinda nervous!)

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