Friday, June 4, 2010

What are they doing?

My mother is in New York City this week for a social media conference. (I am completely jealous.) She took a walk in Central Park and came upon this group of people:

First of all, I love the guy walking by. He seems to be completely unfazed by the trio, as if he sees people tethered to a park bench all the time. (Only in New York City, I suppose.) I really wish I could have witnessed this myself. It could be the next great workout! Or maybe it already is. Regardless, I wonder what they're doing. Clearly they like to resistance train, and I can imagine them doing a series of short sprints. Maybe even walking lunges. Or jumps.

Tell me, what do you think they're doing?


Dad said...

I think their owners hooked them up so they wouldn't bite anybody while they went for ice cream..

Tammy said...

Whatever they were doing was intense. It was no walk in the park for them.

FitGirlCari said...

Looks fun & familiar to me, Tara! Thanks for your email -- I promise to get back to you sometime this weekend. :-) ~ Cari

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