Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Shop Spartan stores if you can. They're quite helpful!

There are a number of grocery stores in Indiana, Michigan and Ohio that stock Spartan goods. Though the company itself is based in Grand Rapids, Michigan, they distribute quite heavily to that tri-state area. If you live in Michigan, to shop a D&W Fresh Market or Family Fare is to shop a Spartan-owned store. And if you live in Saint Joseph, you can find Spartan goods at Roger's Foodland. Though Spartan goods are generally seen as generic goods, they're quite comparable to the fancier (often more expensive) name brands. In this house, we can't get enough of "Sparty" salsa.

So as we ventured out to Roger's for our weekly grocery fest, I was quite excited to see that an important change was being made to Spartan-based stores across the state of Michigan

Introducing the new price ticket!

Though they haven't yet graced the shelves at Roger's, I think these color-coded price tickets are a fantastic idea. In this day and age, we need all the help we can get when it comes to supplementing our fitness with healthy eating. And that's why a team of dietitians developed this ticket, which has been named a Nutrition Guide because it attempts to clear up any confusion that may have been caused by the food label itself. Even the Food and Drug Administration is on board with the plan, so wouldn't it be nice if this concept spread to grocery stores across the country? Or perhaps something similar is already happening at your local store—tell me about it!

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