Monday, June 21, 2010

Chocolate and mint in water, oh my!

I drink water all day long. It's an essential aspect of my life, but it can really bore the heck out of me. A girl's gotta have some flavor on occasion! Sure, lemons and cucumbers. But they're not always enough. And all that flavored water at the grocery store? Eh. Not for me. Until I discovered Metromint water, which lacks any frightening additives. In fact, Metromint is nothing more than a bottle of purified water infused with mint. And some chocolate, if you pick the Chocomint flavor. (Other flavors include Peppermint, Spearmint, Lemonmint, Orangemint and Cherrymint.)

I know, it sounds a bit gross. Chocolate beverages are supposed to be milky and thick. But this is surprisingly decent—and incredibly refreshing. Doubly so since it doesn't contain any calories or sugar. Just cocoa essence, which is totally natural. And the mint? Lots of benefits there.

Mint is an herb whose claim to fame is fresh breath, but it can also soothe an upset stomach or release unnecessary tension. My bottle of Metromint says it "naturally stimulates the nerves, instantly opening your senses to send a fresh, cool feeling throughout your body." Call me crazy, but they're sort of right. Imagine cold water, and then imagine it being even colder. That's what the mint does—to a certain degree. Each flavor of Metromint has a chill factor that indicates how minty cool the water will be. Chocomint comes in at -2° which is on the milder end of things. "Quietly cool," if you will. Wondering what the most intense flavor is? You'd be right if you guessed Peppermint, which comes in at -9° and is "super cool" according to the thermometer.

But while I definitely think Metromint water is a cool (pardon the pun) alternative to lemons and cucumbers, I'm not sure that it's something I'd take to the gym with me. I liken it to wine—meant to be enjoyed via slow slips. And if you enjoy it, let me know what flavor so I can give it a try.


Dawn said...

Can you find this at any store? I have not seen them before..

Tara said...

I found Metromint water at my local grocery store, tucked away with all the other bottled water varieties. Stop by the Metromint website to search for stores according to your zip code.

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