Tuesday, June 3, 2014

The Effects of Flip Flops on Your Body (#Infographic)

If there's one thing I love about June, it's the inevitable wearing of the flip flop. There's nothing quite like slipping your bare feet into a pair of barely there shoes to traipse about town. They're not the most supportive shoes on the planet, but darn if they aren't comfortable. Amiright? Back to that whole "not the most supportive" thing, though. They really aren't that great for your body:

Now, I won't even try to convince you not to wear them because that would make me a huge hypocrite. I put them on as fast as I can, even if it's still a bit chilly, but I will encourage you to wear them responsibly, as the infographic suggests. Especially if you lead an active lifestyle with lots of leg activity. Fashion often comes before function, I get it. But do your best to make sure your flip flops fit. Walk as well as you can in them (ahem, those of you that flop excessively), and alternate between other forms of summer foot fashion (like minimalist sneaker-style shoes, for example).

And, you know, keep an eye on the sole. Replace your flip flops when things start to look thin and/or excessively warn out. They're not the most expensive shoe on the planet, either.

Question: Do you have a favorite flip flop brand that exudes both comfort and style? Link me! Will you wear flip flops for comfort, even if your toes get a little cold?

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Kara Cullen said...

Nike gel flip flops are great! Also, I just bought fit flops...a little pricey for flip flops, but so comfortable and give good support. Worth it to me!

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