Friday, June 20, 2014

Feedly Finds, Vol. 5

So I'm finally...FINALLY...on top of all the sites I follow in my Feedly. I've been ending each night without a single unread post. Sounds a bit miraculous, eh? To that I say: Thank you, iPhone, for keeping me awake and/or entertained while I breastfeed my little man. Because seriously, I could fall asleep during each and every feeding. Not because I'm bored...because it totally puts me in this zen state of mind.

Without further ado, I give you this month's Feedly Finds.

1) Do you read fitness magazines? How do they make you feel? Some would argue that fitness magazines are hypocritical because they showcase perfect models doing workouts that promote strong as the new skinny. Should they not use real women, sweating and busting their asses off doing workouts that promote strong as the new HEALTHY? And what about the hypocrisy of women's fitness, generally speaking? We should probably just break away from societal standards as dictated by so many fitness magazines and focus on realistic bodies, minds and souls. Agree?

2) Not gonna lie—we've had a giant bag of M&Ms in the 'fridge for about a month now. Also not gonna lie—it hasn't been just one, single bag that we've been milking. No, we've been chowing the little nuggets as dessert after practically every meal. Hey, what can I say, my daughter loves them. You try denying her big, brown eyes as she asks for "emanemanems, please?" Needless to say, I'm excited to try out this recipe for the best M&M cookies. Vanilla pudding in the dough? Oh, god...

3) Got a toddler or two in your house? Keep them safe all summer long. Review the tips in this summer safety guide!

4) Whether you're a seasoned blogger, total newbie, or somewhere in the middle (like me), you probably want people to read what you write. Translation: You want traffic. And it's typically yours for the taking. Consider these insider tips from The SITS Girls.

5) I'm newly obsessed with black and white clothing, so I'm totally drooling over every single outfit in this post. Look for the maxi with the denim coat. My favorite.

Question: Read anything good on the Internet lately?

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