Monday, June 30, 2014

6 Things I'm Loving Right Now, Vol. 6

How 'bout we not discuss the fact that June is over with (too sad). Let's jump right into six things I'm loving right now...

1) Newborn Snuggles and Squeaks
I forgot how much a little hug can warm the heart!  Big hugs work, too...but you can't beat the arms of a newborn. I could hold him forever and always, really. And the squeaks and coos! Quite the contrast to Hannah's toddler talk—which, by the way, is also the best.

2) The Skimm
I do my best to keep up on the world, but my attention span for articles detailing the latest in Iraq or the President's next move is quite minimal at best. But this is why I love The Skimm. It does the reading for me, ultimately condensing the need-to-know into one fun-to-read email that comes to me every morning. Sign up. It's free. Here's a glimpse at what you get:

(Note: POPSUGAR provided the following Must Have box free of charge in order to facilitate my review. All opinions are my own, as they always are.)

3) POPSUGAR Must Have Box
I said it before and I'll say it again: This is definitely one of my favorite monthly subscription services. Why? Full-size products, all of which are high quality and cool. I devoured the chips in two seconds, and the book just as fast. The towel is divine and the hair ties double as bracelets. Repeat pic:

Perhaps the only thing I didn't like? The Native Union gift card...nothing on their site really appealed to me at this time. And I'm not sure how I feel about getting gift cards in subscription boxes. I'd almost rather get another full-size product. That said, if you need to give a gift or simply want to treat yourself, go with a Must Have box. It's worth the $39.95/month.

4) BabyTrend Sit 'N Stand Ultra Stroller
Long before Evan was born, I came to the conclusion that we'd need a double stroller if I wanted any hope of getting out on my own with the two kiddos. I knew that Evan would be too little for a jogging stroller this Summer, so we went with the Sit 'N Stand, which seemed to present an option that would grow with us. And so far, it's been nice. Big, yes. But it gets me out of the house. Both kids sit comfortably while I walk behind:

5) Warm Weather
I'm so glad it's summer. Granted, I'm spending a lot of time indoors with my little man, but still...I'm doing everything I can to soak up this season. And the sunshine coming through my windows is making me very, very happy after such a long and cold Winter.

6) Scandal on Netflix

A girl can only spend so much time on her iPhone while she's breastfeeding. So I turned to Netflix and consequently tore through "Orange is the New Black" after which it recommended "Scandal." I heard good things about the series, so I tuned in—now I'm hooked. Politics, the law,'s got a little bit of everything for everyone, all championed by a strong female character. And Kerry Washington is pretty phenomenal to watch in said role.

Question: What are you loving right now? Got any favorite shows on Netflix? 

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