Friday, June 27, 2014

Crowdsourcing: Best Neutral #RunningShoes

I've worn a variety of different running shoes in my day:

Comes with the territory, right? I mean, you can't clock miles in worn out kicks, can you? No. The general rule of thumb for replacing running shoes: 300 miles. And if I haven't hit that yet in my Mizuno Wave Sayonaras, then I'm pretty dang close. So I think it's time to replace them. Especially since I'm about to get back into running after pregnancy and postpartum recovery. Needless to say, I've been doing my research.

What do I look for?

It has to be a neutral running shoe. The toe box can't be too narrow. And when it comes to support, it has to be there but it can't make the shoe feel heavy or bulky. Bonus points if fashion meets function. How far do I plan on running? I don't have a race schedule yet, but I anticipate getting back into two/three sessions a week that increase in mileage. (I would love to sneak in a half mary before the year is out, but we'll see.)

Generally speaking, I have to like the shoe when I put it on...and I have to love it when I do a test-run in the store (or at home if I've ordered it). I like to think that my feet are pretty easy going when it comes to running shoes. They like to try new things (evidenced by the photo above). But at the same time, they're not opposed to sticking with tried-and-true running shoes. Which is why the Sayonaras are on the following list of running shoes that I'm considering:

1) Mizuno Wave Sayonara/Sayonara 2
I've read across the Internet that the Wave Sayonara 2 is coming out next month. I loved my previous pair, and would order those again...or do I go for the upgrade, which seems to be minimally changed? I mean, I dig the bright green:

2) Nike Air Pegasus+ 30
I really enjoyed my Lunar Glides. In fact, I have two pairs. I don't know how this shoe compares, but it seems to get great reviews. And fit my requirements. I've also found it priced fairly cheaply online, which is always nice.

3) Saucony Type A5
I had a pair of Triumph 10's that I liked, but they did feel bulkier than other shoes I've run in. I'm curious about these, as they seem more in line with a lighter-yet-durable type of shoe.

4) Aesics Gel-Noosa Tri 9
I'll admit—I've always been drawn to this shoe for its looks. But one of my trainers swears by them for comfort and functionality. So I'm curious. Granted, they're more expensive (but I've seen them cheaper on other websites).

So, that's where I'm at. #helpme

Question: Do you run in any of the above? If so, thoughts? Is there a neutral shoe that isn't on this list that I should consider?


Courtney@TriGirl Chronicles said...

A few people in my triathlon club wear the tri-noosa's and love them. I actually just switched from Brook Pure Flow's to Zoot Ultra TT and they are incredible!

Tammy said...

Always Brooks or Saucony for me. They never disappoint.

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