Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Workout Wednesday: Total Body @Valslide Workout

The other day, a member at my gym approached me with a workout he had pulled from a magazine. He was specifically interested in the equipment, wondering if we had anything like it. Much to my surprise, he was asking about Valslides. (Alas, we don't have Valslides at my gym. Just gliding discs that can only be used on the wood floors in the group fit studios.)

A few years ago, I was given the opportunity to review a set of Valslides through my partnership with FitFluential. It was honestly love at first try...and I still love them, except now they come in pink and mine are the old green color. (It's the little things.)  Really, though. Such a great piece of equipment, and one that I often pull out when I work out at home...I'm guessing I'll be using them a lot in the upcoming months as I get back in shape post-baby. Because who knows how easy it'll be for me to get into the gym. That all remains to be seen.

So for today's Workout Wednesday, I thought I'd build you a total body working using the Valsides. But if you don't have access to Valslides, perhaps you'll find some gliding discs at your gym. Or, if you really feel like getting creative, you could try a plastic plate on carpet or a small hand towel on a wood/tile floor. (Just be careful whenever you use non-traditional workout equipment because you just never know.)

As always, consult with your physician before trying anything new. You know why. And it goes without saying that all times/repetitions are a guide. Please adjust as you see fit.

1) Reverse Lunge to Side Lunge
Place your right foot on the Valslide. Lunge back as deeply as you can, return to the start and immediately lunge out to the side—but keep your bodyweight on your left leg. Do as many repetitions as possible in (:30). Repeat with your left food on the Valslide.

2) Alternating Side-to-Side Pushups
Get into your pushup position with a Valslide under each hand. As you drop down into your pushup, slide one hand out to the side. Bring it back in as you return to your starting position. Drop down again, moving the opposite arm this time. Do 15 pushups. (Note: Drop to your knees if the Valsides add too much intensity.)

3) Hamstring Curls
Lie flat on your back with each heel on a Valslide and arms at your side for support. As you contract your core/glutes, curl the heels underneath you to reach hip-press position, then return to start and repeat. Do 15 hamstring curls. (Note: Heels should never come in further than your knees, which means you should aim for a 90-degree knee bend.

4) Mountain Climbers
Perform a standard mountain climber with a Valslide under each foot. Your feet should remain in contact with the Valslide, and consequently the floor, at all times. Push for increased speed as you see fit. Do 30 repetitions total (15 per leg).

5) Hip Ab/Adductions
Place a knee on each Valside, maintaining an upright posture with arms at your sides. Slide your knees out to the side, then pull them back into your starting position. This does not have to be a big movement! Beware of over-stretching yourself! Also, it should be slow and steady for the best possible burn. Do 15 repetitions.

6) One-Arm Slides in Plank Position
Get into your plank position with a Valslide under each hand. While maintaining your plank position, slide your right hand forward as much as possible, return to the start and do the same with your left hand. This is one repetition. Do 15 repetitions. (Note: Drop to your knees if the Valsides add too much intensity.)

Any questions? tara (at) adailydoseoffit (dot) com.

Question: What's your favorite piece of at-home equipment?


MizGypsy said...

My favorite piece of at home equipment I own is my Bosu Ball. Though about four years ago I started doing workouts similar to this one; however this was before branding caught on and I just used your everyday basic furniture movers. ;)

adailydoseoffit said...

I have always wanted to own a BOSU...the pink one! It's one of my favorites, too. I use it almost every time I hit the gym.

MizGypsy said...

Pink? That's super cool! I've never seen them in any other color than blue! And yeah I totally love them, bought mine as a graduation present and I used to teach a Bosu class at our last duty station, they're so versatile... Worth every penny in my book. :-)

adailydoseoffit said...

Yes, pink! I think it's a special Breast Cancer Awareness edition, which makes it even more awesome.

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