Thursday, May 22, 2014

What do you aspire to be? (#pinspirationthursday)

Is your mailbox currently being stuffed with graduation invites? I will never forget the day I graduated from college (and not because they called me "Theresa" as I accepted my diploma). It was the day I really took ahold of my life.

What was I going to do? I had no idea, no job...just a desire to be creative, hopefully in a way that got me a paycheck. I wanted to be an adult, living on my own and driving a car I had purchased. I wanted to move to a city that was awesome (translation: Chicago) and I wanted to be fabulous, hip and cool in my new status as a young professional.

Honestly, I wanted to work at Marie Claire magazine, but that seemed a bit out of reach.

But that's what you do after college, right? You reach.

And I certainly did, but then reality set in and I had to reach a little lower at first.

After college, I lived at home and worked as a receptionist at a local television affiliate. I got the paycheck and eventually the car, but never the city. Or the magazine, unless you count my subscription. Looking back, I wouldn't change a thing for myself. Because each of the decisions I made for myself after college lead me to who I am right now.

But where do I go from here, now that I've reached goals and lived dreams? Do I still aspire to be and do and achieve? Or do I redirect those thoughts into something more spiritual in order to make the most of the concrete things I've achieved?  Can I still aspire to be something, even though I'm already something to so many people (mom, wife, daughter, trainer, boss, blogger, etc.)

This. I think this what I aspire to be at the moment:

Pin / Source
Appropriate, right?

Question: What do you aspire to be?

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