Friday, May 30, 2014

5 Things I Learned from "Healthy Living Redefined" by @nutritiouskate

I was given the opportunity to review Kate's book via my partnership with FitFluential, LLC. I elected to spend my own money on a printed copy because I just don't get along with e-books. As always, the following opinions are my own.

If there is one thing I struggle with, it's the concept of "healthy living." It just seems so...vague. Perhaps undefined. Maybe even a matter of perception. Would you agree? This is why I've shied away from referring to myself as a "healthy living blogger," choosing instead to focus on myself as a "health and fitness blogger." I think there's a difference, don't you?

It's true, I write about healthy living. A lot, actually. But I do so from a professional perspective because I realize that we're all different. And the only way we can really live healthy lives is if we embrace our own and do what works for us. So I always define what works for me and encourage you you seek out what works for you. Because if we don't travel this journey on our own accord, that's when we get caught in the trap...that oh, so trendy trap that requires us to wake up with overnight oats before we sculpt chiseled delts at the gym. A drastic analogy, yes, but one that illustrates the need to be, eat and look perfect.

So when FitFluential, LLC offered up the chance to review Kate Horning's new book , I accepted the challenge because I've always enjoyed her blog.

Why read another book about healthy living? Why let someone else tell me what to do and eat, and how to exercise accordingly? I have no doubt that you're struggling with the concept of healthy living, too. I mean, there's just so much information out there. How could Kate's perspective be any different? I wanted to know. And, the truth: I feel like it is.

Healthy Living Redefined is an excellent read. An easy-to-digest book that encourages you to "think differently and to look at the world in a new way." It doesn't tell you what to eat, what to avoid and what you SHOULD or SHOULD NOT be doing. It simply tells you how to approach a healthy lifestyle. Kate doesn't teach you, she guides you. Because again, we all have different needs. In guiding you, she does provide a 28-day plan...but don't roll your eyes just yet. It's not a definitive "you must do this to be thin and healthy and cool" type of plan. Again, it's a guide based solely on her approach.

Each day has a focus on one healthy habit and or thought to consider and implement if possible, sure...she provides some recipes. But again—it's just a guide meant to jump start a new way of thinking.

I won't reveal all of her secrets as I want you to read the book, but at it's core, Healthy Living Redefined focuses on creating a healthy lifestyle by living it and sharing it. (#liveitshareit) In addition to, and to enhance this message, Kate drops some really great quotes throughout the book. I've captured my five favorite below.

Share them, pin them, tweet them and tag them as you see fit. And please, follow Kate on Twitter and Instagram so she can join the fun. (And if you're not already following me on Twitter and Instagram—please do so! I'd love to connect with you on your healthy living journey!

Question: How do you define healthy living? What are your thoughts on the concept of "healthy living bloggers?" Think its a term worth  using? Or does it do more harm than good?


Brienne Peers said...

I'll have to check out this book! I like the perspective you and Kate take on healthy living!

adailydoseoffit said...

It's a really refreshing take on living a healthy life. I never once felt like I was being preached at, or made to feel guilty because I WANT to eat grains or gluten or meat or whatever. And it's super easy to read, too. Which is nice at this time of year! If you do check it out, let me know what you think!

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