Tuesday, May 27, 2014

5 Ways to Enhance Your Summer Fitness

Technically speaking, the first day of Summer is on June 21. But that's not stopping us from getting into Summer mode right now since A) we just passed Memorial Day, and B) we're seeing sweat-your-butt-off temps more often. I mean, for those of you that don't deal with Winter weather, you're always in Summer mode (lucky you), but for the rest of us—we're officially out of hibernation. Which means the workouts are coming out, too. As in, leaving the gym.

So let's talk about how we can enhance our Summer fitness regimes. I don't know about you, but I love working out in the Summer months. Yes, the temps suck at times, but I find so much health and fitness inspiration outside during these bright and sunny months. Not you, though? Consider the following:

1) Siphon inspiration from the runners and walkers you see crowding the sidewalks.
They're out and about, and whenever I see them, it instantly makes me want to run. Even if I can't at that exact moment, I take those individuals and use them as friendly reminders to get my "daily dose of fit." They can be few and far between during the Winter months, which means inspiration doesn't come aplenty as you simply drive down the road. Of course, hitting the gym solves that problem—but actually getting yourself to said gym is yet another challenge.

2) Visit your local farmer's markets and stock up on fresh, clean and healthy eats.

Yes, you can find healthy eats at the grocery store—but that's just another chore on your list, right? You'll have much more fun strolling the market on a sunny Saturday morning. And it can often be cheaper, not to mention supportive of your local economy. And when you see all those beautiful fruits, veggies and homemade goods lined up ever so perfectly, it might actually add inspiration to your repertoire of go-to meals. Who knows, you might even find a new veggie to try.

3) Realize that the world is your gym—turn to bodyweight workouts!

I work at a gym, so maybe I shouldn't admit this, but you really don't need gym equipment to get fit. At least when it's warm outside, because it's so easy to create bodyweight circuits using things like jungle gyms (pull-ups), park benches (box jumps and triceps dips) and staircases (leg work). Even the grass and sidewalk (planks, lunges, pushups). So switch things up a little and start taking some of your workouts outside. Not only will it actually get you outside, it'll add some variety to the routines you've been doing all Winter long.

4) Play with toys.
Building upon the aforementioned "the world is your gym" tip, realize that fitness equipment can really be anything that gets you up and moving. Play some beach volleyball or backyard soccer instead of burning up the step machine. Turn your kids' sprinkler on and run around with them for an hour. How about a game of tag? Or maybe a bike ride with your besties. Soak up the sun while you can (don't forget your sunscreen, though).

5) Keep an eye out for outdoor workouts put on by your local gyms and trainers.
When you hit the coffee shop or grocery store, check the pin boards for flyers that advertise outdoor fitness events. I guarantee you'll find at least one. Maybe it's a 5K run/walk raising money for a local cause, or a bootcamp put on by a fitness facility or independent trainer. Don't see anything? Ask around, call around. Make suggestions if you have to. Because who doesn't love a yoga-in-the-park type of gathering?

Question: How does your fitness regime change in the summer? What tips can you add to the above?


Mary said...

I love summer for being active outside. Some days I even help mow the lawn by using the push mower. I fell in live with bouldering last year too. I can't wait to do it again this summer!

adailydoseoffit said...

Bouldering? Do tell!

Mary said...

It's just like rock climbing but would the ropes. I am not talking about cliffs or anything but I do like hauling myself up over really large rock formations. It's a great challenge for the body and mind!

GiselleR said...

I love these! I'm joining my local running club for a couple runs later this month and I'm so excited :D
Thanks for sharing!

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