Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Sweet Blueberry Almond Butter by @NatureBox

In the essence of full disclosure, the following post kicks off my partnership with NatureBox. It includes affiliate links. Use them to order your own NatureBox (at 50% off) and I will receive a small stipend—but it's not the stipend that matters to me, I just want to support a company that I believe in. They have so graciously given me my own NatureBox subscription to write this and other reviews. But as always, all opinions are my own.

I have reviewed many a different food-based subscription box in my time. Call me crazy, but getting a delicious surprise in my mailbox every month is completely fun and awesome. Here's the thing, though. They all started to feel the same to me. I started getting repeat samples from one box to another. And some of these samples were of things that I could ultimately drive down the street and buy on my own.

Not such a delicious surprise anymore, right?

Only one of them managed to surprise me from one box to another:

NatureBox delivers three to five healthy snacks to your doorstep every single month. I know that sounds familiar, the whole "healthy snacks" thing, but the difference here is that you can't buy these snacks at the grocery store. They come straight from NatureBox, and they're all delicious and truly healthy. Nothing artificial, no high fructose corn syrup or hydrogenated oils and certainly no trans fats.

I took the Teriyaki Twists to Indy this past weekend—they're gone. I'm doing my best to milk the Cocoa Waffle Wafers because they're great on top of my oatmeal. And I recently made use of these guys:

Sweet Blueberry Almonds. I know, I know... I wasn't sure, either. I love blueberries and almonds in my yogurt, but would those two flavors combine successfully? Answer: Yes.

In every NatureBox you get, there is a little card that describes whatever snacks you just received. It also features a recipe using one of them. Here's a clip of August's recipe:

Feel free to pin it because you'll want to make it if you get your hands on some Sweet Blueberry Almonds. This stuff is so good:

The recipe doesn't make a lot, but that's just fine. I didn't add the honey and it was perfectly sweet. Somehow, I managed to dip just three animal crackers into it:

It was the perfect little mid-afternoon snack, but I'm really looking forward to testing this stuff out on a, BABJ. Blueberry almond butter and jelly sandwich. Yeah.

Sad thing is, I'm out of Sweet Blueberry Almonds now. Which is cool because I've got a few other snacks to work through should I need them. And therein lies one of the reasons I love NatureBox so much—It's totally fine if you get repeat product because you can't BUY the product anywhere. Although I'm really not sure they send out repeats. They come up with about five new products every month. And actually, word on the street is that subscribers will soon be able to pick the products they want in their monthly boxes. So that's cool.

Speaking of buying the product. My affiliate link gets you half off your order. (Just to reiterate, I do get a small stipend every time someone uses my affiliate link, but that's not why I'm providing it. Use it to cash in on a great deal and some delicious snacks, or don't use it. The choice is yours and yours alone.)

Details: NatureBox is $19.95 a month for five full-size snack packages—except remember, you'll get half off with my affiliate link so it amounts to, like...$2 a bag. ($4/bag is still a good deal for a healthy snack you don't have to run out and buy, though. Right?) Shipping is free, and you'll be charged each month for the duration of your participation. Cancel whenever (and seriously, these people are so nice so it won't be hard to cancel if you decide that's best for you).

With that, I leave you. My tummy is growling and I must address this.

Question: Have you tried out any monthly subscription services? What is your favorite? If you already subscribe to NatureBox, what has been your favorite snack so far?


Amanda Natividad said...

Hi Tara, thanks for such a thoughtful post! I work at NatureBox and I actually wrote the Sweet Blueberry Almond Butter recipe, so it totally made my day to see that you made and enjoyed it! Thanks for that! :)

Tara@pnwrunner said...

Yumm! I want to make this!

adailydoseoffit said...

It's so good, Amanda! I think I'm going to add it to my oatmeal in the morning. With a banana, and maybe some actual blueberries!

Kelly @ New Leaf Wellness said...

How fun! A subscription would make such a great gift!

ajeetsingh said...

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