Sunday, September 22, 2013

5 Tips for Fall Running

Summer, you came and went too quickly this year. I swear, it felt like you lasted one week. Don't worry, I forgive you for this. You are gone, but not forgotten...remnants of you still present in the sun that shines on the beach that is now too cold to truly enjoy. Gone are the days of playing in the sand, but here are the days of running in the sand. Because that's what happens when Fall rolls into a beach town. It brings with it winds that blow the sand everywhere. Work crews retire after Labor Day, which means the sidewalks go untouched until Memorial Day. So the sand, it creeps up on the cement. And stays there. Thankfully it's not too bad yet:

I'd rather run at this time of year than any other.
Nothing beats a crisp, Fall run under blue skies and sunshine.

5 Tips for Fall Running
1) Don't forget about the sun. It's still shining. Sunscreen IS a good idea.
2) Leaves fall, it rains. Therefore, leaves can turn into banana peels. Don't slip!
3) Keep track of sunrise and's constantly changing. Plan accordingly.
4) Dress accordingly. Preferably in materials that wick away sweat.
5) Hydrate normally. Dehydration knows no season.

It's been a crazy few days around here, but I managed to snag a nice 4-miler today.

The legs felt great. My miles averaged about 8:30...I probably could have added another mile or two, but I chose not to because I'm not chained to a training plan. It's nice to run free, so to speak. It gives me the flexibility to run only as long as I want to or have the time to. And lately, I haven't had much time. I have a huge event at the gym this coming weekend, so I'm knee-deep in last minute preparations for that. And I'm still studying for that ACE personal trainer exam.

Ready or not, I will hopefully take (and pass) the exam on the 14th of October. This whole studying thing, it's far too consuming. (Seriously, I haven't read any books this year. None. And if you know me, this is completely crazy.)

Speaking of studying...

Question: Did you run this weekend? How far? If not, what was your exercise of choice? Tell me.

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adailydoseoffit said...

I love this time of year!

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