Sunday, September 8, 2013

Sunday is for Studying (and Walking)

But really, not just Sunday. This whole entire week has been for studying. Yes, I am still plugging away at the preps for my ACE certified personal trainer exam. In fact, I've been studying since March and it's seriously "go" time. There is a mid-October test date that I'd really like to hit, so I'm doing everything I can to devote all of my extra time to the books.

This girl is ready to be done. I'm so tied to my flashcards right now, it's ridiculous. You're right, though. I've done this before so it should be a walk in the park. And I've thankfully been able to recall so much from the first time I studied for such an exam. But...all the pressure! What if I don't pass? How dumb would that be! Seriously, how dumb.

Anyway, speaking of "walk in the park," I took my girl out for a late-afternoon power walk along the lake.

It made me want to go running.
Once a runner, always a runner.

Back to the books...

Question: Are you prepping for anything major right now? Tell me about it.

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