Thursday, December 20, 2012

Be in love with your life. (#pinspirationthursday)

Hey guys. Do you follow me on Pinterest? It's where I find and store a lot of my inspiration for Pinspiration Thursday (obviously). And now that I've sort of made this a regular thing, the PT posts are piling up and I'm getting more and more worried about duplicating. So, I created a new board: On Pinspiration Thursday. Anything I post to this board will be tagged with #pinspirationthursday. I invite you to:

1) Use this tag as well, should you find anything inspiring for your own boards.
2) Leave a comment below with your Pinterest username, should you wish to pin directly to this board.

It's my hope that together, we can grow one big and happy board to which we can all turn for a little inspiration each and every Thursday. (Or any day, really.) And if you have a site of your own, keep an eye out for a Pinspiration Thursday link-up in the near future. I'd love to gather inspiring posts from around the Internet right here on Daily Dose. Until then, here's your Pinspiration Thursday:

Remember that you only get one life, so live it. All of it, the good and the bad. The hard and the easy. The successes and the failures. The stuff that makes sense and the stuff that doesn't. Embrace it all, day in and day out because it's you. It's your life. And you only get one. So love it with all your heart. Treat it right...treat it with respect. For what it brings you. For the body it gives you. Be so in love with it that you couldn't imagine it any other way.

Don't forget: #pinspirationthursday, and let me know if you'd like access to the board.

Can't wait to see what's inspiring you.

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