Sunday, December 2, 2012

I'm currently obsessed with my @Keurig.

There, I said it.

Here's the story: I'm not an avid coffee drinker. I can't stand the stuff straight up, but I love a nice trip to Starbucks for a latte or a warm cup of coffee brewed at home with a splash of vanilla-infused cream. Caffeine? Don't need it. I get crazy loopy shaky and then I end up snacking on things to make the shakes go away, so it's an off-kilter day when I do drink caffeinated coffee. Or, its my only option. So typically, decaf for me please. And when I say typically, I mean every so often which translates to me not needing a standard brewer. To make a full pot every day would seriously waste some joe. Enter the Keurig, which was a gift from my parents for my birthday on the 24th.

Yep. Obsessed.

I think I've used it every day this past week, be it for a cup of coffee in the morning or some cocoa at night. It's such a fun little contraption, this Keurig! And mine's not even the top-notch version. In fact, I think it might be one of the low-end models. It's the Keurig MINI Plus Brewing system. and it retails for about $99. And here's a tip: They sell it at Bed Bath & Beyond which means you could use one of those giant coupons they send in the mail to save 20%.

What's so MINI about it? Well, it's smaller so it takes up less countertop space. Which means it doesn't store water like most Keurigs, but for someone who doesn't (normally) wake up needing a daily dose of joe as she dashes out the door, that's no big deal. And besides, it still makes coffee in a flash—just one cup—always perfect.

Let's not forget that dash of cream:

I picked this stuff up at the grocery store. There are a variety of different creamers in the coolers, but this one jumped out at me for its lack of ingredients.

Sure, the "natural flavors" might be decidedly unnatural when all is said and done, but at least it isn't accompanied by a gazillion other ingredients I cannot even pronounce.

I think it also comes in a caramel flavor.
Sinful, right?

I just can't do straight coffee. I like how it smells, I like how it tastes...but it has to be mixed with something for me to really enjoy it. That's where you get into trouble with coffee, the mix-ins often translate to sugar and calories. But only if you choose wrongly. Choose right and you'll keep your coffee decently healthy.

And coffee can be really good for you. According to WebMD, "coffee drinkers are less likely to have type 2 diabetes, Parkinson's disease, and dementia" and they have "fewer cases of certain cancers, heart rhythm problems, and strokes." But that's only when you drink it within reason. Guzzle it all day long and you'll counter all the good effects.

I think it's safe to say that I'll never have to worry about going overboard on a daily basis. One cup is enough for me, thank you.

Question: How much coffee do you drink in a day? How do you like your coffee? If you have a Keurig, what K-Cups should I try?

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